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quad core smartphone Customers Reviews

  • JIAKE i9500W WOrks well for moderate users

    posted by Mirsanpt

    FastEasy to usePrice versus quality is really great
    The Phone is very complete with dual batteries which last a day each,
    Great phone for moderate users who do not want to use the the camera at night
  • Has potential, but flawed from the start...

    posted by jdm89

    Phone seems well built given the main body is plastic, screen is good considering price and the air gesture tech. worked for the short time I had this device and tested it. Phone seems quick - and should be considering 4 core CPU. Initial setup matches the Samsung interface and TouchWiz seems to be mostly complete. Camera picture quality is pretty good, not quite sure if it is truly 12.0MP though! Wifi speed performance-wise was very good and downloading apps from the Play Store was quick too, no doubt helped by the quick hardware. When starting the phone you're met with a "No. 1" splash logo, which is a nice touch (even if you're trying to make it look like an S4!).
    Matches the S4 well in terms of looks. Performance-wise it comes a close second. With regards to the faults though, I'm not sure whether it is the ROM or the hardware that is causing the issues, my guess is probably a bit of both. There are various things on the internet for curing low cell signal, which I didn't try for fear of voiding any warranty provided. Might be worth trying it if you've ordered this and fancy a DIY approach to fixing it.I wonder here whether the manufacturer could have spent a little more time/money to create a slightly higher spec. phone at a slightly higher price. I'm sure there are many potential S4 owners out there that don't want to pay Samsung prices and want the functionality of a dual-SIM phone too that would happily pay a bit more to iron out the imperfections I've highlighted here. From my viewpoint after this experience, I've lost faith a little the Chinese Android market. Hopefully a manufacturer can restore my faith at some point next time...
    I really wanted to like this phone and after waiting 4 weeks for delivery unfortunately beyond the unboxing and powering up of the phone I was in the end very disappointed. The main deal breaker for me was constantly losing cell signal - it can't really be called a phone on any level with this as a major issue, can it? If this and the Wifi signal issues were corrected I'm sure the other small problems could be overlooked or corrected very easily with software modifications. That would make this phone great value and a steal at the price it's being sold. Until then though, I can't sing this phone's praises for the simple things it should really be able to do in its sleep as the most basic operations we expect of phones. I am in the back of my mind hopeful and optimistic that this phone was just a 'bad' one and actually other S6 owners have had great experiences with their phones. Fingers crossed!
  • Price/performance winner

    posted by janneaare

    FastworksBattery lasts a dayUsable cameradisplay resolution and colorssize
    First thing you're going to notice is that this phone is big, really BIG. Display is bright and the phone is really fast. Eventually you will notice, that the display isn't as high quality as those of iphone 4 or later flagship phones. It doesn't do perfect viewangles nor have that good touch accuracy. but it's not immediately apparent.Worst thing about this phone is the speaker. I'm sure you will miss calls and messages because of this. Time and time again you will notice your message from blinking light notification only.The phone has GPS but no compas. This means that you can locate yourself in google maps, but no navigation.Power button is very small and flimsy little thing and it will drive you crazy because it must be pressed a million times a day for waking up the display. Be warned.
    Fast and nice phone with only a couple of annoying problems. Comes with two batteries and no compas. Very good for it's price!

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