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quad band Customers Reviews

  • interesting and uniq product

    posted by aharone

    it's a very special product that have al lot of features.the battery life time is very good for almost 2 day.if you are using it in "flight mode" you can use it for a week without charging.you can use it for gsm bands and it's working good.the microfon has a good sensivity and the camera too.the numbers panel very usefull for doing a call phone.it's look like a 'jamesbond ' gadget and everybody ask obout it.when you dont want to use the call mode i recomend to put it on "flight mode" because of the radiation.the price is also good.
    i don't have it much time to know if it's a relieble for a long time of use.
    very interesting and beautifull product.it's good for gadegt likes users.
  • Worth the price for being an innovation

    posted by notax

    The cellphone Works very well and if you also buy a bluetooh headset will be perfect. It has several settings to best suit your way. Apesar de a tela ser pequena é possível acessar os itens dos menus facilmente. I enjoyed it very much.
    It is a very cool product. People are amazed when I answer the phone. I recommend.
    Thats ok.
  • Value for money!

    posted by Chris2604

    ? received it in Greece in 26 calendar days.For the price this is a really good phone. It use android 4.1.2 very easy in use but I don’t manage to change the screen lock wallpaper. It has very small memory but as a phone to execute Phone calls, SMS, to take same picture (the 2MP camera is not that bad as I expect) etc, it’s ok. The 3.5” screen is sufficient to me and clear. I really recommend buying this phone, you never are sorry about it.
    Naturally is not appropriate for demanding customers.
    I really recommend buying this phone, you never are sorry about it.
  • Good quality GPS tracker

    posted by sdomburg

    I own two of these GPS trackers and I use them to hook them up to my two cats when they are going outside. The device is quite small and although my cats are both quite small, they do not seem to be bothered too much by carrying the GPS tracker around, probably the weight of this device is quite low.
    The reception is excellent: it still works, even when the device is tilted when the cat lays down. Although not water-proof, small amounts of rain do not get in and the cats dislike of water makes sure it never gets soaked.
    Putting in a cheap SIM card makes it work and when a cat is not yet home when its getting dark, I can easily retrieve him sending an sms and looking up the coordinates on Google maps.
    Very usefull device if you want to be able to check on your pet when its not home. Saves you sleepless nights and posters all over the neighbourhood.
  • very good smartphone with bad battery

    posted by aronai

    Nice performance, good sound. Over all a very nice and useful device for its price. It has all the features you want and is easy to use. Very fast without any leg when playing movies, and the screen being of high definition, you can see all the details.
    I suggest for the manufacturers to give more atention in some details.
    This is the type of deal I was looking for and my expectations were well met. . Good Value for money, I highly recommend it.

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