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  • Bright, Better than Expected

    posted by Richsifu

    Well made, nice looking and nice design, strong clip, glow in the dark tail cap, nice bezel, smaller than a Maglite XL series light, very bright, nice color temp, good solid feeling switch, switches easily between modes with a slight touch.
    I like the strobe on this one too, it's fast but not super fast as many lights. about 9-10 flashes per second which I like as opposed to the normal 15-20 per second on most lights.
    Beam shines very far when focused and lights up a great area on flood. Almost no artifacts in the flood beam pattern.
    I have a few of these same type of lights, just about the exact same ones I got from Ebay for a little more money, but this one beats them all. It is considerably brighter and the whiter light makes it appear even brighter still and adds to the visibility of the light itself.
    Focus is very tight so you can see the shape of the LED as usual with this type of convex lens light, but even then the square is larger than the others I have making a larger spot and lighting up a larger area.
    Great EDC light. The belt clip is strong. Hard to get on your pants or belt but other than if you were doing cartwheels or back handsprings, I don't think it's going to fall off at all.
    Great light for the money, better than the ones sold on Ebay, I'm considering getting another one.
  • good torch

    posted by jlee45

    -bight torch-cool lantern feature, actually very useful in tent situation-decent ergonomics-nice material and finish-okay weight-takes standard AA battery
    -overall this was an excellent purchase-would definitely buy again if lost or just as an extra-would have been better if push power button was in glow-in-the-dark material
    nice looking torch that performs well and looks good
  • First look

    posted by TeXHo

    Focusable beam;3 useful modes, electronic voltage regulation;Can use AA batteries, NiMH and Alkaline;Convenient size;Tailstand;
    I just got this light and I am hurrying to post a review so people that need more info can make up their minds. First of all, I have used Romisen RC-C6 (sku.26792) for more than 6 months as my primary working light. It has been dropped, thrown, smeared in all kinds of dirt and washed in running water. So far, spare some minute scratches it is like new. This one seems to be built just as my trusty little RC-C6, so all should be good on that front.Brightness and batteries:Sadly, I left mi RC-C6 at work so no comparison with that one, but I had my sku.29095 for comparison. I used a multimeter with Lux meter for the measurements, I will post a picture of the test setup later. Just consider that these measurements can be compared only to one another, since they are in no way absolute.AA NiMH 1.2Vsku.29095 - 90LuxRC-29 - 38Lux(Mid), 132Lux(Hi)AA Alkaline 1.5VRC-29 - 42Lux(Mid), 148Lux(Hi)14500 LI-IonRC-29 - 104Lux(Mid), 330Lux(Hi)It is obvious that with a 14500 this one is on very bright light. All measurements taken on the widest focus (flood). You can check beam pattern shots when I upload the pictures.Current measurements at the switch:AA 1.2V - 0.34A(mid), 1.36A(hi)AA 1.5V - 0.34A(mid), 1.39A(hi)14500 - 0.25A(mid), 0.84A(hi)Sorry, I don't have patience to run a burn-time test, anyways it is heavily dependent on the type and state of the batteries.The illumination quality is by far superb to any light without lens. You can have a VERY wide flood of uniform light with more than enough brightness or a darkness-piercing throw that projects the square image of the emitter hundreds of meters away. In this light you get this plus the option of a battery saving mode and a cool strobe.
    If the size and battery choice suits you - this light is all you have been waiting for. If they make a light like this in a 16340 size, with this LED and regulation hardware, it will be the perfect pocket light for me. For now this one does the job better than anything else I've seen.
  • Excellent led flash light

    posted by Fedegp84

    1) Has a nice design2) Excellent product/price3) Very bright at hi mode whit long range light beam4) Battery capacity 3000mah5) two chargers car and wall6) Don't need to clic switch to change mode, soft tap is enough.7) Includes strap although it say no in description.
    Should say which color on wall charger indicates charging mode.
    Nice flash light buy it wont regret it!
  • the average performance

    posted by Martin643

    Solid metal housing. Headband is a useful thing. In the description is not specified, but it is zooming!
    The flashlight is a bit expensive, maybe because of headband. The flashlight does not offer what they write. Only with the 14500 batteries in high mode.
    The flashlight is that what I expected, but life time is short.


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