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q5 lens Customers Reviews

  • Bargain!

    posted by thetaj1

    good, bright little torch & very handy size. Good clicky & good that it comes with the strap to put round your wrist & nice colour.
    the lens could be made a little better with a bit better finish but it does not appear to cause any issues with the light output.
    Just a bargain, bright little handy torch. Good value & i'm sure it will do you well for a cheap everyday torch. Especially at this throw away price you would be silly not to have one as a spare.
  • flashlight

    posted by nnnik

    1) The user-friendly design - clip allows you to wear the belt and cling to anything else, you can use the tabs square cigar grip2) a good range of the light beam3) handy loop on hand4) can be connected to the charger (not included)5) cool design6) Shock Edge allows use as a weapon for self-defense7) 3 modes (bright, medium, and strobe), the optimal ratio
    to such use does not let down, shining under the water, slowly fades when the batteries sit
    good value for money, comfortable handle, easy to switch the width of the light beam, out of all my lights this is my favorite, I recommend
  • Best flashlight for the money hands down

    posted by guiltyspark

    This flashlight is spectacular and extremely powerful for its size. The lens on this flashlight makes it unique from other led flashlights in that you can focus the beam from wide to light up a whole room to a tiny little beam that is extremely powerful and has astounding range for something that only runs on a single AA battery. I bought two and my father immediately stole one from me because he was jealous. If you are on deal xtreme looking for a simple , powerful , small flashlight that can do multiple tasks this is easily the best one you can get.
    It also has a pommel on the end of the flashlight for security if you are out jogging and get jumped, you can bash somebodies skull open with it or even break car glass (i can not confirm the car glass but it looks like it could do some damage to a window).
    If you are going to buy this flashlight , i recommend getting 3 because if you get one you will immediately order another one and after you get that one you will want another.
  • good torch

    posted by jlee45

    -bight torch-cool lantern feature, actually very useful in tent situation-decent ergonomics-nice material and finish-okay weight-takes standard AA battery
    -overall this was an excellent purchase-would definitely buy again if lost or just as an extra-would have been better if push power button was in glow-in-the-dark material
    nice looking torch that performs well and looks good
  • As good as wanted

    posted by m4rc310

    Very good product. Metal case is strong. The zoom is good as expected. The light also is strong.
    The battery charging instrucions could come at least on the box.
    Good product.

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