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q5 led flashlight Customers Reviews

  • Spiffy little light source!

    posted by tarantila

    L-shape, magnet base.Works very well, emits ridiculous amount of light.Magnet feels strong enough to hold the light in place.
    Small in size, huge in amount of light. Will be one of my favorite lights.
    Very good all-around light. Versatile usage options due to hook, magnet, belt clip and strap band, not forgetting the adjustable head.
  • useful good flashlight

    posted by slsam

    Bright. Very convinient flashlight. Charger in package. Workes from AA batteries.
    Very convenient flashlight. You can wear it in hand, stand on serface or hang on clothes. Magnetic cap bring even more usability. No problem to fix it horisontalally or head down on magnetic serface. Rotating head will allow to direct light spot right where you need. Bottom cap is made of plastic. Condition of the screw-thread on it is good for now. I had to clean up the screw-thread on body of the aluminum chips, otherwise it harms plastic cap. I didn't found the way to disassemble head.Approximate current values drained from 3.7V battery:High mode - 2200 mALow mode - 700 mAVisibly strobe gives same amount of light as in Hight mode.Working time with fully charged protected TrustFire batteries (SKU: 26124): Low mode - 2 hours 10 minutes. High mode - approximately 40 minutes. "Glow in the dark" does not seams usefull. It needs bright light to charge luminophore. Luminofor is green. Illuminates short time (maybe 10 minutes max).
    Overall I'm happy with this flashlight. However next time I would consider buying this flashlight, batteries and charger separately in order to have protected batteries.
  • rustamgrf

    posted by rustamgrf

    A lantern came in the package, Bright Lights, 5 different modes - all modes of working and easy to switch, low price, excellent design, build quality is good (5 +). Small size.
    Small size is comfortable to hold in your hand and carry in your pocket. Range 150-200m. When I shone in the sky, people thought that shines spotlight. Excellent toy. I was pleasantly surprised!
    Since he has included: a flashlight, battery and charger. That is a good gift for New Year for men. The price is low, we have in Russia is 2-2.5 times more expensive.
    Excellent flashlight, highly recommend. Great gift for men.
  • Bright for AA

    posted by riocopa

    This is a great little AA flashlight for the price. It is now my favorite after about 10 or more flashlights from DX. The rest of mine use 18650 or CR123 batteries, but this still seems bright to me with a regular energizer AA in it. But what I like best of all is how functional it is. With the combination of having a latch, clip and strap on it, it is useful in a variety of ways. And the fact the the head tilts up/down increases it's utility. Then the fact that the base is magnetized, so you stick to a metal plate/wall, etc, and adjust where the light shines leaving both hands free is AWESOME. It makes me wonder why all our flashlights don't have magnetized bases.
    For the price I don't think this can be beat with all the features it has. Plus the fact that you can use regular batteries in it is a plus for alot of people.
  • Good complement to SKU 12761

    posted by jamska

    Previous post was spot-on about the tight beam. This light has a smooth reflector that provides a very tight focus. It is a great spot light, if that is what you want. I have the SKU 12761, and it is the opposite -- broad coverage. Both are great lights.
    This light has less power consumption with the same two batteries, so it will run longer and cooler.
    Beam can be used as a blinding weapon only if you can be very accurate in aiming it. You will more easily blind an assultant with SKU 12761.
    I only need one like this, but am delighted to add it to my collection of over 200 LED lights, most from DealExtreme. Give it to a 6-year old boy along with a set of 18650 batteries and a charger, and he will wear it out before he turns 10.

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