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q3 led Customers Reviews

  • Hell Yeah!

    posted by pweester

    Now this is what I'm talking about! A tiny little thing but it has so much power! Super bright light for its size. I really recommend this if you are looking for a small, light, practical torch. Get this and you will have all that plus a whole lotta brightness!
    Would be good to have a lock device for the on/off switch to avoid accidentally switching the light on or off.
    A great little torch which is packed with power. It will kick the ass of many bigger lights!
  • Good product, very robust and very bright.

    posted by MrVK75

    - Very robust and tough materials.- Battery can be changed easily.- Very bright and intense light with adjustable beam.- Last long with one battery (>1hour).
    Although not exactly as advertized, still great deal for the money. I own several different version of this type of flashlight and use them all the time. Extremely bright and usefull. Combine this with several 18650 batteries and a SureFire charger and you're set for years!
    Great value, buy several for your home, car, boat, holiday cabin, garage, kitchen, bug-out bag...etc...
  • Great, bright little flashlight

    posted by iwoodcutter

    Very bright and nice long beam. The case is nice and strong and light. It even came in a fancy box. :) I was surprised to get a charger with the package for the price!
    It has holes for a strap, but didn't come with one. For the price, they could have included it.
    A nice little flashlight for a pretty good price and again, it included the charger which was a nice surprise. I would recommend the flashlight.
  • Good flashlight

    posted by Sophink

    Bright zoom-to-flood beam, easily lights up the width (and more) of a bike trail or similar.
    If the beam is narrow it is square and you can easily see the shape of the emitter. Strobe-mode is kind of pointless but high and low is useful .
    good light for a good price
  • My favorite flashlight

    posted by Aflipz

    At least as bright, if not brighter than any CR123A flashlight I have ever owned... This tiny little flashlight does it all from huge flood lighting to a TIGHT little beam that throws light at distances that are quite amazing for a light this compact! Should you ever run out of 14500 lithium 3.6-3.7v cells, it WILL produce decent light (nowhere near as much but still quite usable..) from normal 1.2-1.5v AA cells.
    I like it a LOT better than the other 14500/18650 zooming lights I bought here (which had shark in the name...) anyway, this one is much better; it has a wider zoom range so it can spread light better up close and zoom in on objects farther away and if you think this one's zoom mechanism is sloppy wait until you try the other guy's... also, I have a much more powerful 18650 flashlight I bought from here (raysoon rs-v8) and this smaller Q3 puts it to shame particularly when it comes to throwing light over long distance.
    This is an incredible value. I ordered more... I would absolutely not hesitate to recommend it. Given the size of the light and it's limited power supply, it isn't ideal for extended use; it's more suited to spot something quick than to light your way through a long hike... However it will serve great purpose as a short-term ''high beam'' that serves both for close range, wide area illumination and throwing light precisely over long distances. I must be getting about 30-35 minutes out of 14500 lithiums, using the light a few minute at a time here and there.

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