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  • Wooden Puzzle Brain Teaser IQ

    posted by aviadi83

    Takes a while not solve it yet, especially if you don't study it in one piece before dismantling.-The wood itself seems to be of good quality considering the price. Reasonable qualityMakes you think hardYou will be exercising your fingers-Good brain teaser for all ages.
    I really like these types of puzzles
    I really like these types of puzzlesOnce you know how to assembly / disassembly this puzzle, you may challenge your friends / family
  • It´s the London Eye

    posted by Palta

    I loved the quality of design and how it works.Maybe some parts has to be glued or they will fall, but it´s really fun to asemble.Amé la calidad de diseño y como funciona. Quizas algunas partes tienen que ser pegadas o se caen, pero realmente es muy divertido para armar.
    Really good product.
    If you like this stuffs, you will love it.
  • Nice

    posted by marinacc

    It's fun to mount, it took me and my boyfriend 1 hour, it is not that challeging but it's not easy either, it's a fun toy.
    The apple has a light inside that blinks every time you shake it, doesn't really make a difference, it was kinda unecessary... but whatever.
    It gives you some time of fun, but that's it, once it's done, it's not like you use it to decorate your room, 'cause it isn't that cool, I don't know what to do with mine. It could be a little cheaper.
  • Tricky one, requires more ability than brains.

    posted by ADAC

    A very funny one, this one makes you wish you have 3 hands, or maybe 6 fingers in each one ... this is the kind of puzzle that becomes challenge when you don't pay much attention when you disassemble it, otherwise, assemble it again it's only a matter of dexterity,
    Made of wood, they are very charming to expose in your shelf or table, the visitors aways wan't to try it.
    Nothing significant.
  • Simple Toy for little boy (or girl :-) )

    posted by WalidBK93

    I have give this little toy to a little girl (yes, yes, a girl) she is 5 and she really enjoy it.I had to help her assembling everything, but she has done most of the job (she especially like to untied all the parts)The simple engine friction is working OK so far (but she doesn't use the toy everyday thought)The material is very light and soft, so no risk of harm.
    cheap and simple


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