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  • Wooden Puzzle Brain Teaser IQ

    posted by aviadi83

    Takes a while not solve it yet, especially if you don't study it in one piece before dismantling.-The wood itself seems to be of good quality considering the price. Reasonable qualityMakes you think hardYou will be exercising your fingers-Good brain teaser for all ages.
    I really like these types of puzzles
    I really like these types of puzzlesOnce you know how to assembly / disassembly this puzzle, you may challenge your friends / family
  • Tricky one, requires more ability than brains.

    posted by ADAC

    A very funny one, this one makes you wish you have 3 hands, or maybe 6 fingers in each one ... this is the kind of puzzle that becomes challenge when you don't pay much attention when you disassemble it, otherwise, assemble it again it's only a matter of dexterity,
    Made of wood, they are very charming to expose in your shelf or table, the visitors aways wan't to try it.
    Nothing significant.
  • good and fun

    posted by Eeprom01

    -guaranteed fun especially if you're with friends
    -Its hard material good friends harder to ruin it
    -and it looks like it will last a long time until someone can spoil them
    -perfect to entertain friends at a lunch meeting or dinner even on long trips by car or bus
    -It seems incredible that children have an easier time solving them as adults.
    I enjoyed the purchase I recommend for anyone who wants to think a little to solve them.
  • Brain AND fingers teaser

    posted by modreamarin

    Great way to lose time and improve your skills. I used to have such things in my childhood, but smaller (this one has nine levels, mine had only seven) and made of plastic.
    I wonder how much it will last;more precisely, how many times could it be assembled and disassembled.
    Recomended for people who need a "decorative" figure, but especially for peoiple who like solving puzzles.
  • difficult puzzle, high quality

    posted by rami256

    Difficult puzzle which require some times to solve. The build quality is high, all parts fits together nicely. after using it for sometimes it still looks as new. For its build quality it is very cheap.
    If you are looking for some quick puzzle this is not it. Even after you understand how to solve it it require lots of operation to do it.
    very good product. Recommended!

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