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puzzle teaser Customers Reviews

  • Maru 4x4 is Amazing!

    posted by Cubeflip

    Great Cube, excellent turning, corner cutting, and mechanism. Amazing performance. Comes with a stand and a vile of Maru lubricant, which improves the performance of the cube.
    The white side's stickers were a little messed up, but that was easily fixed.
    Best 4x4 speedcube you can buy. I would highly recommend getting this cube. It's a little pricey for a 4x4, but IT IS DEFINITELY WORTH IT.
  • I enjoyed it

    posted by marcelodcorrea

    It has a good price and a good quality. I enjoyed this item. Perfect for intellectual exercises and practices. Makes you practice logic problems and spent a lot of time in its solution!!!!
    It is good for playing with kids. The product is made of wood and it is well finished. Really amazing!!!Evereything ok about delivery.
    I don´t identify a bottomline for this item.
  • Very nice!!

    posted by tolias

    For all i know this is a genuine Rubik's puzzle.It certainly feels genuine.It's quality is pretty awesome and looks great.This is a very nice puzzle and quite interesting and will surely keep you occupied.As far as i can tell ,you will not have any trouble with it.
    The price is excellent.Mine arrived in a perfect condition despite the long journey coming to Europe
    I have no other thoughts except that I 'm very happy with my purchase.
    If my magic broke i would definitely order another one in a hurry
    It's a great puzzle and it's price is reasonable !Maybe some think that this isn't genuine but this doesn't seems to be the case here.Can't wait to order the 12 panel magic.
    Buy it and have fun !
  • Brain AND fingers teaser

    posted by modreamarin

    Great way to lose time and improve your skills. I used to have such things in my childhood, but smaller (this one has nine levels, mine had only seven) and made of plastic.
    I wonder how much it will last;more precisely, how many times could it be assembled and disassembled.
    Recomended for people who need a "decorative" figure, but especially for peoiple who like solving puzzles.
  • Good cube

    posted by Quejeshio

    It's a good cube. Cut corners well. It needs no lube. Mine is REALLY fast and I still haven't lubed it. I have been using it for 2 weeks and it have never popped.
    If you are a good cuber, you will get a good speed with it.
    I broke my personal record on the first try, so you can imagine how fast it is. Lubing it, you can easily do sub-20 or sub-15 with a little practice.
    When you receive it, just play with it until you find it turns smooth.

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