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These cool puzzle cube are high quality and at affordable prices. As china's largest gadgets suppler, DX devotes its efforts to provide the best service to customer all over the world. We hope that you have a fulfilling shopping expreience, on China's leading e-commerce retailer website.

puzzle cube Customers Reviews

  • shengshou 5x5x5

    posted by moeayman

    i think this cube is the second best 5x5x5 in the world :)its mechanism is similar to a V-cube 5it never pops sticker quality is the best
    i new how to solve it my self but the last two edge pairs aren't easy so i think am gonna check any guide or something like that
    its very cheapquality cubeit comes tentioned very welleven without lubricating it works pretty good
  • My son is still building things...

    posted by sisyphist

    These are remarkably powerful magnets for their size - one magnet can hold up one piece of paper on our fridge. That doesn't sound like much, but they're tiny! More importantly, you can fashion them into some neat patterns.
    We wrapped a coil of wire around a straw, hooked its ends up to a volt meter, and pushed a 'cylinder' of the magnets into and out of the straw, so my son could see how magnets moving past a conductor generates current! Worked really well.
    Great little magnets for hobby use!
  • This is the best 4x4x4 in the market

    posted by RicardoConsonni

    - This is a Maru cube, the absoulte best 4x4x4 in the market.- Smooth turning, precise movement.- Cuts corners very well, great for speedcubing.- High quality plastic, vinyl stickers.- Comes with a plastic base, and lubricant to make it turn even smoother.
    If you know how to solve a 3x3x3 and a 5x5x5, this is your next step. This cube has a lot of parity patterns, and is a lot more challenging.
    If you want the best 4x4x4, look no further. This is it.
  • exciting puzzle

    posted by moxas

    Can make a lot of figures
    I think I had one many years ago ,so thanks DX for reminding me old times.
    Nice puzzle
  • This is a Dayan LingYun Version 2 speedcube!

    posted by ktyamachi

    Just so there is no confusion, this is an authentic Dayan III LingYun V2 speed cube, the 'sequel' to the very popular Dayan GuHong. Also, it is Version 2 of the LingYun, which means that it comes with torpedoes installed.
    To the uninitiated, 'torpedoes' are small pegs of plastic installed inside the edge pieces which makes the cube almost impossible to 'pop' apart when twisting frantically.
    It comes fully assembled in the original factory box, but without the Dayan 'member's card'.
    Compared to the GuHong, this cube is just a touch smaller. Also, with the torpedoes installed, pops are almost nonexistent. If you can handle the speed, this cube is just amazing. Also, I think you will find DealExtreme's price is great for the V2 LingYun, compared to some of the other speed cube companies.
    This is the real deal, and anyone who likes the GuHong, or is interested in using a real-deal speed cube should pick one up.


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