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    posted by AFNEVES

    I like puzzles mostly of wood, that although the plastic is very well done and very difficult to assemble. If you have no patience with the Rubik's Cube that will leave you more crazy.If you want to be distracted for hours or days, buy
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    It is easy to assemble and disassemble if you want to pretend that you could assemble the right way and not dismantling
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  • Excelent cube

    posted by alinepegas

    The cube rotates really smoothly, and it comes with a good lubricant. The pieces are high quality, and the stikers are good as well.It is easy to lubricate, you don't have to disassemble it in order to do so. Just open a hole between two lines and put the lubricant.
    It's a very good cube for speed cubing. I don't recommend that you disassemble it, it's very difficult to put together again. Be sure you know how to solve the 3x3x3 before trying this one.
  • Shengshou 5x5, turns amazingly

    posted by tf2keys

    Very good price! The Shengshou 5x5 is much cheaper than the Rubik's 5x5 But turns MUCH better.This cube has adjustable tensions, though the caps can be hard to get off. See cons.Smooth turning! Very easy to turn, even right out of the box. I'm not sure if it came already lubricated, but it turns so well i don't have to lubricate it myself.Very sturdy cube, i haven't had a single pop yet.
    This is a Shengshou 5x5. It comes wrapped in bubblewrap in a simple box. In the box you can find a manual, but its in chinese or something.Very good quality, which is expected from a Shengshou cube.
    Very priceworthy cube. I reccomend both pros and beginners to get this cube. High quality and low price, just get it! It's awesome!
  • Pretty funny

    posted by enryf89

    Good quality magnets.They are also pretty strong.Nice smooth edges. You cannot run into the possibility of cutting yourselves.Nice chroming.
    It's almost impossible to lose a cube as they tend to stick together very firmly.I imagined them to be bigger but there it's my fault, the dimensions are clearly stated.You will enjoy them.
    These magnets offer you a quite funny time. You can play with them and combine them in many different combinations.Just remember to keep the away from your electronic gadgets as they don't really like strong magnetic fields.
  • Fun toy

    posted by suckers

    Its a fun IQ Puzzle.You can create several forms and models, you can try with your own or try to copy some known shapes.Decent time killer, there are tons of combinations that you can create.Its for adults and kids, everyone could spend some fun time with it.
    Nice time killer for this price, I have purchased one of this to my kid and he likes it.
    Give it a try.


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