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On this page, you can find a wide selection of push button pack. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. Find more popular products from push button dc, car push button. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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push button pack Customers Reviews

  • Perfect buttons

    posted by nunocruz

    They work perfectly. Bought them to use in some DIY( do it yourself) projects and I wanted to have this kind of switches to turn on and off. I am really happy with them, they have a nice click, the piece is robust and has nothing loose, after a month of use still like new. They come with 2 nuts plus 2 washers which are more than enough to place them wherever you want.
    Note that these buttons have two states, but the states are changed when the button is pressed or not, I thought it was click (up and down) to change state 1 time, but it passes through both states.
    If you are looking for this kind of switches, this pack is for you.
  • Black push button switch with red button

    posted by thinkpad30

    Switches look sleek and high quality. Appear to cost much more than they do. Very smooth action.
    If I were changing how this switch was offered, I would include a washer, for more secure mounting. Also, I would offer as one of the options for purchase, 5 different color buttons, to differentiate between the switches when building a project. Also, I would like an all-black button.
    Very good value for the money. Like most of the DX products I have purchased, they are well-made, and look like they cost much more than they do.
  • "Emergency mouse repair kit"

    posted by RBMK9000

    nice consistent, easily hearable clicks under a milimeter with firm counterpressure, ideal for your gaming mouse with wore-out microswitches
    You have many options how to use them, not only end switches and robot sensors, but you can repair your expensive gaming mouse with them and use only soldering iron and a screwdriver. you can tear the metal lever or leave it in place and make counterpressure adjustments with it.
    unbeatable for the price compared with price of a new mouse.
  • Good buttons for a low price

    posted by Bullback

    For 20 pieces they are really cheap, and I have till now still a lot of fun with them.
    The spec says that they are 1,4mm x 1,4mm this are the upper ring dimensions, NOT the actual hole to fit nice and tight!
    At this moment I don't use them a lot, so I don't know how long these buttons last.But they are nice little buttons for not so much money.
  • Expected a little bit different work

    posted by NYSerpentis

    - Can be used directly with relatively small currents (like home lighting) under 220V or combined with electromagnetic relay for higher currents or voltage. - Good build quality.
    Button by itself can be used just as usual self-locking button.
    I expected that indicator's state depends on button's state (e.q. pushed button = indicator on). But if you need to indicate the state of the button you'll have to use relay or some other scheme which will turn the indicator on and off depending on the button. The indicator by itself needs additional power source and can be used only to find this button in the dark.

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