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  • Good value

    posted by truespiderman

    Simple, looks nice, works on a capacitive screen, and priced well. The tip is soft and should not scratch the screen. Its length (~4.5 inches) is a perfect size to fit neatly into my tablet holder's base for my Nexus 7. Specifically useful for drawing applications on your tablet or phone.
    If you are looking for something with a very fine tip, this is not it as it is about the size of a pencil eraser.
    Great value and very functional. Easy to recommend buying this.
  • Excellent Laser

    posted by Toomey

    being from the U.S. we are limited on the mW of the lasers we can use, but this 5mW laser was surprisingly bright for its specs.. it has a nice rubberized kinda coating..its hard to focus on "dot" but that is due to the wavelength but in a room with a little smoke or atmosphere the beam is very visible and turns heads everywhere..
    i can't stop playing with it.. it is a great addition to my collection.. a few friends saw it and they had to have one so i am making another order for a few more for them..i have not tested it with any animals, im not even sure if they can see that wavelength.. but if they can im sure ill get many hours of fun playing with my buddies cat..
    for $20 it is definitely worth it..and if you're like me and have friends that like "toys" like these buy a couple and sell them and make a little profit!! ;-)
  • Hello good looking

    posted by Rrreidar

    Got an amazing pretty color for a laser, must have for laser lovers.The dot is a bit fuzzy to look at and gives a different look than other lasers.It uses AAA-batteries!!!
    Makes a great addition if you want to complete RGB laser collection. Has the ability to light up glow in the dark things and has a beautiful color. If youre looking for brightness go for green or red colored laser.
  • Very cool pens, nice and fun

    posted by dadua

    They are cool and unique. These pens really are quite well made. They are quite curious, surprising product, perfect for unexpensive gifts, really attracts attention. The bright colours are very eyecatching and others will not immediately know what these pens are. Really a nice gadget and also a little bit of an eyecatcher. I got them for my children and they absolutely loved them.
    Everyone loves looking at these, they're a nice joke.
    Great effect for a minimum price. It really worths.
  • Drawing on tablet just got better

    posted by Cortosen

    It is a stylus pen for your tablet or phone and it works. Drawing with Nexus 7 tablet is pretty fun with this pen. Price is great and it looks nice.
    Usually these things last for a month or two and after that time they don't slide on a screen. This is not really a problem because these are so cheap. Just get another one.
    I love it! It is cheap, nice looking and inexpenxive.


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