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pulse oximeter Customers Reviews

  • Inexpensive wireless pulse oxymeter

    posted by Jivatma

    Good price.Easy turning On and working.Nice indicate pulse and oxygen.
    CD contains only manual.Soft is described in manual, but no any working programms from pointed in manual links.
    Good device, but need finding working soft for smartphone or pc.
  • professional oixmeter with BPM/beatmonitor

    posted by lasermanathome

    Perfect working oximeter with a kind of monitor what shows the power of the bloodflow.Works better than devices I have seen wich costs 10-20 times what this unit costs and without the monitorfunction.Have compaired it with known oximeters and it gave the same values, it is also reliable, it gives the correct parameters.
    Better use alkalines or batteries with low shelve discharging. Don't use rechargables becaus they discharge faster than the use of this device.
    My fysiotherapist was envyous because he had to pay 400 Euro's (520 USD) for an instrument wich was less in any way (exept the same accurancy).I have told him that he could order it by me for what I have to pay, he appreciated that gesture very much, so he will not hurt me the following threatment more than usual.
  • fantastic

    posted by pastor126

    The quality surprised. I've seen others for use proficional and is identical, I even think it's the same. I will definitely recommend to all my colleagues. Cheapest oximeter one could find. Heart rate seems accurate. I guess it's good for personal entertainment.
    The usage is simple and fast. Could have more idomas the manual. The lack of language is very common in many manuals.
    Nothing to report. It is perfect.
  • Very easy to use

    posted by Malvineous

    Very nice bright screen, very easy to use. Includes batteries. Has a small graph showing strength of heartbeat over time, wide enough for just over 2 heartbeats at 60bpm.
    The manual doesn't mention it, but if you hold the button down for a few seconds it turns a beeper on and off, which beeps on each heartbeat.
    Does exactly what it says it does and very easy to use.
  • Review

    posted by Murai

    Fits in your pocket, fits on child`s finger perfectly, easy use, comes with battery, power charger, data easy to see on the screen, low cost for the great product it is. Arrives in a great box, that protects the product, which is not fragile has a good resistance. Also comes with a necklacke so you have your hands free.
    Every pediatrician should have one. Could exist in other colors...
    I totally recommend this product. Very good deal. I`ve already bought 3 and my friends wants more.

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