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psp slim buttons Customers Reviews

  • Ok I guess

    posted by Jurisd

    -Looks good
    -Exact replica
    -Comes perfect condition, and it has kind of a plastic case to put your old pieces in
    -Looks awesome with transparent umd door and faceplate
    Request: Analog stick PSP slim/2000 (transparent white)
    Its ok if you have a transparent looking psp, otherwise I wouldn't advise getting. It is hard to asemble and can wreck your buttons (my square button doesn't work all to well, i need to push it down extra hard now). Same with any modding, if you want too play PSP games with good performance, stick with the original sony products, if not this is a really cool looking thing :)
  • Nice Buttons.

    posted by SolidZone

    - This was an optional item I bought along with 4 other stuff.
    - Looks just like the original.
    - Decent quality.
    - Not too hard to install if you know what your doing.
    - Put this on my silver PSP 2000 and looks great with the red buttons along with red shoulder buttons and red analog stick.
    Overall, a decent replacement. If you can deal with those cons, get them.
  • They are okay but the could be better.

    posted by rczzcr

    These set of buttons are well built
    They have the same printing on them as the original buttons
    They are a great replacement for any broken buttons you may have.
    They are easy to install, and don't require you to be an expert at installing them.
    If you need to replace your buttons that are broken or if you just want to have black buttons, then these are the replacement buttons that you want, beacause they are the most affordable ones that I have found on the web.
  • Excelent!

    posted by LeonhartX

    In general lines, the spare part was exactly the same as the original, therefor, it was easy to replace, and the sensibility of the control itself is great... it really has no great diferent with the original one...
    Is the right choice to make, 'cause if you get a tutorial about the disasembly of the psp in youtube, you'll have no problem in replacing the part at all..!
  • Blue Shoulder L+R Buttons for PSP Slim/2000 (2-Pie

    posted by wzard44

    Well what could i say.
    Its a really nice product for the price.
    The build quality is pretty good.
    Jou will need a screw driver as well, but i think that they do sell it here on dealextreme.
    And the installation of it was a piece of cake for me.
    Just remove the Frontplate and unscrew some screws than place the Shoulders and then you put everything were it belongs.
    Just good if jou need them.
    Like i said its cheap but good.

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