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psp slim battery

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psp slim battery Customers Reviews

  • It does what it says it does...

    posted by missykalena

    Great battery to keep as a spare. It's cheap and it works, what else do you need?
    It could be a built a bit more solid. The plastic is not as good of quality as the *official* PSP battery, but it does the job for now. I just hope it doesn't catch fire!!!
    Get this if you need a replacement battery or if you need one just laying around for those long road trips. I've had this for only two weeks so I don't know if it has any type of memory on it yet.
  • An ok Battery Charger

    posted by Pker886

    I bought this charger because it selling for cheap price. It arrived with a blister pack in about 10 days to Los Angeles. It fits perfect with the replacement slim psp batter i bought here. But it's kinda hard to fit my original psp battery, it still fit.
    It charged power is kinda same speed as you charge with the psp. Very easy to use, and selling for good price. It's worth it, buy one now if you need a charger.
    It's a useful slim psp battery charge.
  • Perfect !

    posted by s7eth

    - Price ! The cheaper ! don't hesitate !
    - It works perfectly, there are only pros !
    - Can fit psp-1000 (fat) too if you hold it on the plugs.
    - Very easy to use ! Create a magic memory stick, put it and the pandora battery in your psp, and that's all !
    - very useful
    It's amazing how it works good. congratulations, i think it's my biggest satisfaction among everything i've ever bought
    If you want to downgrade/unbrick a psp, don't hesitate ! i used it on 6 psp and it still works as in the beginning
  • Panadora's Batt

    posted by BabySaga

    Easy to use and to love this panadora's battery, just got to press and hold for a few seconds. The lights help out alot on when its in panadoras mood. I got it to work right away, i say this is the best panadora's battery to buy. It comes charged up so can use right away
    i got a few in the past and this works the best for me, the lights help out alot telling you when it working right.
    a very good deal cheap and easy to use, a very good panadora's battery i say it the best one i bought
  • Really good price/quality ratio!!Works on PSP-1000

    posted by edhaker13

    Tested both on PSP 1000 and 2000
    -Holds more charge than original Phat battery
    -Feels light on PSP phat but with 50% more charge
    -Doesn't fall off on Phat unlike normal slim batteries.
    -Build quality seems quite good for now.
    -Works both on 1000 and 2000.
    IF you see that it does't fit at first on Phat just slightly lime off the bottom tab of the battery so it can go in properly, actually bought this one for Phat by accident although I have both but I ended up stick with this one because the PSP now feels much lighter.
    For the price that you're paying you get well worth your money in Spain we tried buying some for a friend and they asked for 10 to 15€ depending on where you asked, but this was like 3,5€ not even 30% of what we would've of paid!!

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