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psp slim 2000 Customers Reviews

  • Lithium Battery

    posted by afrothugz

    this battery fits perfect in the psp 2000
    after a few months it still works great
    no problems with charging
    the price is very cheap for this kind of battery
    its just a cheap battery just as good as a original
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    just buy it its perfect if you want to play continues on the psp
  • nice battery

    posted by ubagasltltlt

    1.very easy to use - just plug and play :)2.well made( good quality materials )3.very good price - you can't get cheaper4.fits to my psp slim perfectly
    i change microsheme of this one with my original battery microsheme and now i can play long time , i do that becouse i hard moded my battery to use as pandoras one :(
    I think it's best deal if you want to repair your original battery , or you need spare one to play for not so long time
  • Cheap cover for thick battery

    posted by aquino88

    - Very cheap- Colour is pretty much the same and it has almost the same bright of the back of the PSP. Also it feels like the same material when you touch it.- It allows the use of a thicker battery or a conventional one.
    It should be advised more clearly that it is a cover for a thicker battery. I tough this one was a replacement part to look the same as the original one.
    Only buy it if you want to use a thicker battery
  • A very neat replacement housing for your PSP

    posted by Squirrel61

    - Perfectly fitting. I only had to remove some debris from the power switch to make it move more smoothly. Everything else fitted like it was made by Sony themselves.
    - Nice design. You get something really special.
    - Comes with all parts you might need or might have lost. Even the light conductors are pre-mounted!
    - Buttons work flawlessly after assembling the lot. I've seen worse with other housings, with buttons malfunctioning or sticking.
    Be carefull with the screen lens. It's more prone to scratches than the original one. You'd better order a screen protector with this and use it right away.
    If your housing is broken or you just want another look, this is what you're looking for.
  • Perfect!

    posted by evekisara

    - Perfect fit for my PSP slim
    - Perfect colour match for my white PSP (darth vader set), therefore allowing my PSP to be freed from Darth Vader at last!
    - Very easy fit, self explanatory :P
    I keep looking at it in disbelief that it's actually perfect, haha. But it's very satisfying.
    Get it if you need a white psp battery cover, for whatever reason! I'll upload a picture to show the colour match.


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