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psp silicone case

You may find that it is quite easy to purchase psp silicone case here and you can save money at the same time. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. hard case psp or aluminum case psp contains many hot and popular products. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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psp silicone case Customers Reviews

  • Perfect match for PSP

    posted by euchico

    Protect your psp from dust, from dirt, from sweat.Adds grip to your hand.CheapPerfect fitAwesome look for the red PSPEasy to clean and install
    Protects my PSP, i dont need to clean it so often. Look great on red PSP.
    Low cost for a great usefullness. You´ll wont regret
  • excellent protection

    posted by alphanemisis

    its a silocone skin, and it does exactly what can be expected of it as it both protects the psp and provides a smooth non slip grip.
    psp is just as comfortable to hold in the skin as it is without.
    flap over umd door clips into two little holes on psp and door is easily accessable, i hardly ever open it.
    the cutouts around the gaming control buttons work very well
    very nice fit not too loose at all
    the buttons on the bottom of psp menu, volume etc... are well protected and have the button label molded into it.
    coupled with a screen protector your psp will be very well protected with only a small 5% body vulnerable to paint wear such as lanyard strap loop, power switch, umd door /data port area and around button cutouts.
    an extra little easliy moveable flap could have been added to protect charge, headphone and usb ports
    great protection for the price
    great fit
  • Good Looking, and protects your PSP

    posted by BungeeGun

    It's different from the others Silicone cases for PSP, and i have liked this camo colours.
    it fits very well my psp, and now no more scratchs, dust.
    I like the "design"
    it will protect your PSP
    Took a month, but i got it.
    The price is very good, but cause of it you will have to wait a month. at least that was the time for me.
    Came in exactly 30days.
  • I like it.

    posted by Event

    Its look nice. You can see the light of the led (power and lan) perfectly trough the silicone, very easy to wear in the psp. It will protect my psp from scratchs for sure. The holes of the speaker, screen, mic, power on/off, etc, fits well.
    Im happy that i bought it, its cool and protects my expensive psp!
    Its cheap, buy it! you wont have any regret.
  • Does its job well

    posted by fnb1991

    It is a regular silicone case. The main advantage is the isolation it brings to the d-pad and the front buttons, protecting them from dust and scratches. It feels nice on the hand and makes the PSP better to hold.
    It does its job well and it's waaay cheaper and better than the ones I can get in my town. I recommend it!

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