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psp replacement Customers Reviews

  • Perfect replacement if your nub's broken

    posted by Squirrel61

    Brings back life to your PSP when for some reason the nub isn't working anymore.
    Far cheaper than having your PSP repaired by Sony.
    Sometimes the analog nub isn't working anymore or at least not like it should. Like:
    - Cursor or character moves in one direction without even touching the nub
    - Control is not precise anymore
    - No reaction at all when you move the nub
    - The nub has disappeared
    In these cases, you need to replace the nub and this is the perfect spare
    Sadly, replacing the nub on the PSP-2000 is a bit more difficult than it is on the PSP-1000. But it's worth the work. When reassembling, make sure there's no dust or fingerprints on the screen!
  • Ok I guess

    posted by Jurisd

    -Looks good
    -Exact replica
    -Comes perfect condition, and it has kind of a plastic case to put your old pieces in
    -Looks awesome with transparent umd door and faceplate
    Request: Analog stick PSP slim/2000 (transparent white)
    Its ok if you have a transparent looking psp, otherwise I wouldn't advise getting. It is hard to asemble and can wreck your buttons (my square button doesn't work all to well, i need to push it down extra hard now). Same with any modding, if you want too play PSP games with good performance, stick with the original sony products, if not this is a really cool looking thing :)
  • Good replacement

    posted by destroyor

    The (D-pad & face) buttons I got are red with a clear plastic coating. I own a God of war special edition PSP slim, and the color is a very close match to the original red (I'm absolutely sure you can't tell the difference without comparing them to the original).
    Did some extensive gameplay testings with them on GVGN, because of my frequent use of CA (holding down square) and CB (triangle) my originals are slightly worn out, and these replacement are firm (for me it's a plus) and play just like genuine sony buttons.
    These buttons are firm, you will have to press harder then your original for them to work. This may be a pro or a con depending on your preference.
    Good, solid replacement. If you need them, buy them!
  • Very good quality!

    posted by Zorpidis

    Very good quality!!
    Perfect for doing a little mod of your PSP or for switching out a shell . IT matched perfectly. This is cheap and great to have good price for what you get i would buy two or more each time. you dont need to be an expert to use it! just buy it! LOL! you can combine it with a black shell psp replacement! it is cool!
    if you have a broken battery cover of an unlimited edition psp ,you should buy it!
    Best choice!
    For an other one time DealExtreme made me happy!
  • Great and Cheap Conductive Silicon Pad for PSP But

    posted by nightshade

    These Replacement Conductive Silicon Pad for PSP Button Switch 4-piece Set are great when your PSP 1000 buttons does not feel new. I spent about 4 mins to replace them and now they feel like new.
    I use the following web site as a guide on how to open the PSP correctly so that I would not damaged the PSP
    For the price I purchase 2 with one as a backup for future.
    Since it is black and my PSP is white, in most case you would not notice it but at the edge of the button hole you could see it have black outline.
    Hope others have the same success as I do.

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