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psp lcd screen

On this page, you can find a wide selection of psp lcd screen. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. lcd tv screen or usb lcd screen may offer more options for you. Find your beloved cool gadgets right now.
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psp lcd screen Customers Reviews

  • Good buy

    posted by Konan89

    This is really the best replacement you can get, there's warranty for no dead pixels on this special piece (read item description)It came with thin lcd protector, it might me stained but don't worry just remove it and install.
    Get it, there's no better, definitely worth the price.
    If you need a PSP-2000 screen, this one is worth it for the peace of mind the warranty grants.
  • Perfect!!!!

    posted by rickrugby

    Grear screen!! NO dead pixels in mine, bought with the proper scredriver to open the PSP, put up a you tube tutorial video in the background, and voila! PSP working perfectly again!
    None. Packaging is great, none can be added to a great service like that.
    Buy it now!! You deserve to have a new PSP, and this comes perfectly in time. I am a LOT relieved to have my PSP like new again.
  • It's Cheap!

    posted by YiamiYo

    It is cheap!
    It is cheap!
    And...oh, yes. It is cheap!!!
    Very good quality for that price!
    No scratches at all.
    It would be nice if there were instructions on how to replace the screen of the psp, or at least a smal piece of paper with a good link on the internet. I was hard to find a good guide.
    Also, be carefull and put the right screws in the right places. I needed to buy this screen, because the last time I opened my psp to change the front plate I put longer screws behind the screen (under the battery) and crrrack!
    I recomend this screen as replacement for your psp 1000. It's just cheap!
    And sorry about my poor english.
  • The best choice!

    posted by Zorpidis

    I was waiting for this a lot of time but it was the best choice.The best price,the best quality.
    Very nice packaging.
    be careful when you remove your motherboard and your screen, try to watch videos or tutorials to know how to do it, do it at once !
    Buy this if you need it.
    It is the best price and quality ever.
    I love dealextreme! I will buy more and more.
  • Good, but not perfect

    posted by s7eth

    - Fits perfectly to PSP-1000 (fat)
    - good backlight
    - Same brand as the original one
    - good packaged
    You'll certainly need a how-to-use or a tutorial on the internet to replace it.
    It's quite easy to put it in place and not too dangerous for your psp.
    It's delivered with a little protection that sticks behind it, but not entirely removable, but it's invisible.
    If you broke your old screen, take one, but be prepared to have some dead pixels !

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