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psp housing Customers Reviews

  • Looks Great, but not THAT Great

    posted by Dash23

    Looks amazing expecially with the stock trim from the silver case and some LEDs.
    Nice all around feel.
    Logos and texts all there and where they should be.
    Easy enough to install.
    Make sure you know how to put your PSP back together once you begin installing the case. The hardest part of the whole project is getting the UMD door to fit right. Make sure you are careful not to break anything (such as the UMD door).
    This is a pretty awesome case besides for the major flaw of mine with the UMD door. All mods will have their flaws, it may be different with the case that you get. The quality is not of the stock case so if it doesn't work out for you, stick with the old one.
  • vere nice housing

    posted by simonJester

    Wonderful, unique item to replace a PSP slim's dull, standard housing for something unique.
    I purchased this as a birthday gift for my nephew, he loves all things military and plays almost nothing but war games on his PSP. He loves the new casing and has had several people ask him about it.
    Good way to dress up a PSP, but you need to know what you are doing (or be confident that you can do it) to swap it out. It helps if you are or know someone who is familiar with small electronic components that have to fit in tight places. The end product is something special.

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