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psp housing Customers Reviews

  • vere nice housing

    posted by simonJester

    Wonderful, unique item to replace a PSP slim's dull, standard housing for something unique.
    I purchased this as a birthday gift for my nephew, he loves all things military and plays almost nothing but war games on his PSP. He loves the new casing and has had several people ask him about it.
    Good way to dress up a PSP, but you need to know what you are doing (or be confident that you can do it) to swap it out. It helps if you are or know someone who is familiar with small electronic components that have to fit in tight places. The end product is something special.
  • Awesome Replacement if you use all parts.

    posted by mekaone

    It is an awesome replacement case for the price. All the markings on the case look like the official Sony PSP case does. Everything fit very good even the UMD door. The thumb stick fits good in my opinion. All in all I think it is a quality replacement case when you use the parts correctly.
    All in all it is a very nice replacement case. Quick note - Use all parts! There is a small slide piece that goes under the UMD drive with a spring that goes in a hole under the top trim of the PSP that forces the slide over to the UMD door and helps keep the UMD door closed. The spring is somewhat hard to get in but is worth the work. Also there is a spring that goes inside the PSP case by the bottom hinge of the UMD door that is kind of hard to put in but provides the "SNAP" for opening and closing the UMD door. There is also a small plastic block that goes behind the spring to keep it from popping out. Use ALL PARTS and this case is going to be as good as OEM.
    Before you start working on this have a very clean work area, an air can, clean hands and a lint free cloth. Blow off all dust on the LCD and screen, and wipe off all the fingerprints before you put the PSP back together. Also please make sure you get the proper buttons before you start. I was sent the PSP 1000 buttons by accident and I am still waiting for the new buttons. Till then I have used the old OEM buttons. They work just fine in the aftermarket case with no problem. Use all parts and have fun :-)* I am thinking some people didn't use all the parts that came with the case and I think that is why others UMD doors fall open. This is my 3ed replacement case I did and all have worked very good for a long tome and I have never had a problem with the cases I have put on for me and my friends.Maybe its just me that the UMD door works for.


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