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psp analog slim Customers Reviews

  • feels good!

    posted by WildBoarKing

    looks exactly the same as the original onefeels good when usedreplaced easily with the help of another item on deal extreme
    not much thoughtsbeen using it all this while all is good all is well
    buy it if you need it or if yours spoilt like mineor maybe you have nothing better to do than to buy it and change the colour scheme of your device
  • Works As A Descent Replacement

    posted by Massecus

    Replaced the broken analog, no hitches, works perfect!
    THIS IS A D.I.Y. part.....
    Do NOT attempt to disassemble the PSP unless you are fully aware that it will void your warranty and also you may not be able to get it back together.... I only suggest doing this if you are able to dismantle/re-assemble the psp.
    If you need to fix your psp's analog... this is the best solution currently (that i have dealt with) also it is cheaper and i have had no glitches thus far
  • Works great

    posted by quocdo2005

    - Works (a little bit of twisting required)
    Well, I have no complaint whatsoever about this product except for one defection. It does not come with the mounting plastic pad (or whatever it is called). After you have opened the PSP cover and take the PSP analog stick apart, you will notice there is a plastic mounting pad on top of the bronze right corner with 4 tiny dots. You NEED to take that off and put it on top of this replacement in order for it to work. Besides that, this products works OK, although I wouldn't say it is a perfect replacement for the original analog stick.
    Good product. Get it if you must. Note: you will void your warranty by replace your analog stick 'cause you have to open up your PSP to do that. Besides, you also have to get a right Philips screwdriver.
  • great

    posted by popcorn900

    this replacement is very simular to the original.its movement is very smooth, very much like the original.i really like the color.it fit in my psp 2000 slim very well, i did not have to push, pry or force it in any way.
    this replacement is of very good quality.its movement is very smoothe and responds quickly.
    if you need a replacement then this is the one that you need.i really like the color of my replacement.
  • Replacement Analog Stick Module for PSP 2000/Slim

    posted by Advante

    Came nicely in a small bag. Colour is exactly as shown. I wanted to get it to customise my PSP. Didn't use it in the end though, cos I'm a quality-conscious freak and the friction lines pattern on it are not as fine as the one on my PSP.
    Seems like DX is the only place where I can get this colour so thumbs up for DX!
    Get it! In fact, get a few more colours! LOL

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