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Every single psp 2000 pouch displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. Find more popular products from psp repair 2000, psp 2000 power. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.
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psp 2000 pouch Customers Reviews

  • wonderful!

    posted by shaloywea

    It is very hard in the outside, that make it a very useful case to protect your psp and carry it almost anywhere and not worry about damage it, and it comes with a little pocket that adds in any place inside the pouch to transport two memory sticks
    its a very useful case to protect your psp, traveling or leaving it on the house, and also can hold your memory sticks with your games next to your psp for a quick change, and its price is very good!
    I really liked this so i recomend that everyone that had a psp buy it, you wont regret!
  • All you need

    posted by Ins1deBG

    The case is made of solid material. It is very nice to touch and it does not scratch easy. The zippers have very good quality. The thing I liked about them is that they had big holes so if you want you can lock your device with a lock.The inside is soft material which provides good drop protection.The 'card pocket' is made with velcro and you can move it any place on the cover
    No meter the cons I think it is pretty good and solid case,with nice design and good use. It holds and protects well the device. :)
    It is worth the money. If I need I will buy it again.
  • Solid Case

    posted by manzician

    1. It is a very solid carrying case for storing your PSP.
    2. Fits PSP 2000 perfectly
    3. Looks pretty good.
    4. Keeps your PSP safe
    5. Quality of the carabiner is really good
    It has a feint smell which has gone away in 3 months. Not that it matters much.
    Despite of these cons, this is a very good case for your PSP. I thought the zipper might go bad but it is working fine for 3 months.

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