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psp 2000 battery

On this page, you can find a wide selection of psp 2000 battery. DX offers worldwide free shipping and faster delivery. Find more popular products from psp 2000 analog, psp 2000 cover. We hope that dx.com can be your prefered online retailer.
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psp 2000 battery Customers Reviews

  • super price

    posted by dize21

    A must have for CFW psp users. Price is very cheap, you'll find just the pandora battery elsewhere around the net for the double or triple that DX is selling it ,and DX offers free shipping.
    I was happy that it was white because it matches white my white star wars edition psp. Maybe DX should also offer it as a combo with the magic memory stick
    2 in 1 with one switch from pandora mode to regular battery. More lifetime than regular sony battery.
  • Must have

    posted by Stanczyk

    It can increase the PSP battery time a lot!It works with my PSP 1000 and my brother PSP 3001 perfectly, isn´t heavy and you can fit in the back of your PSP making it very ease to use and to carry to every place you want.
    MUST HAVE TO ANY PSP OWNER!!!Ease of use, keep playing for hours to go!Secure, fit in your PSP and no matter where you will go, go playing a game :D
    Must have!
  • Is your PSP 200X a fancy doorstop? Not anymore!

    posted by Jay48

    1. Used to unbrick PSP200X consoles2. Also used to install...ahem..CFW (shhh!)3. You can downgrade your firmware as well
    I bought this for a friend who wanted to 'mod' his PSP and I was there when he did it. Obviously you need all the files and stuff (available online) and a tutorial (online, like duh!). It can also unbrick consoles so it's very handy to have at home! Now you can remove the memory stick while updating the firmware and see what flashes on the screen! Better yet, amaze your friends by bricking-and unbricking their consoles! They'll think you're some kind of wizard (or you know witchcraft...in which case you'll tied to a stake and set on fire)
    Get it if you want to unbrick or..ahem...mod your console. It doesn't work with the 100X series, but you already know that, right?!
  • Great buy for a cheap battery

    posted by Darklunar

    I really like this battery because first of all it's cheap! And also it holds energy for a very long time for a battery that is cheap. I mean I kind of assumed it would last probably for like an hour but it lasts longer!
    If you want a cheap battery but has medium energy conversion then this product if for you. However if you want a battery that lasts as long as the original PSP battery then I recommend you to buy that one instead.
  • Pandora battery for PSP 2000

    posted by Frank2069

    Worked like its suppose to and got the job done. case is well built, battery does fit very tight into the PSP so it wont just fall out if you are missing the battery cover
    would be better if the battery didn't fit so tight where it was so hard to extract. it can be corrected by sanding parts of the battery case down a little bit
    well worth the price for what its used for

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