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You can find fashionable psp 2000 analog at a low price. When you purchase products at DX, you will receive DX points. These dx.com points can be redeemed for certain products, offering the customer great discounts. You can find what you want at psp 2000 button, psp 2000 power. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.
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psp 2000 analog Customers Reviews

  • Replacement Analog Stick Module for PSP 2000/Slim

    posted by Advante

    Came nicely in a small bag. Colour is exactly as shown. I wanted to get it to customise my PSP. Didn't use it in the end though, cos I'm a quality-conscious freak and the friction lines pattern on it are not as fine as the one on my PSP.
    Seems like DX is the only place where I can get this colour so thumbs up for DX!
    Get it! In fact, get a few more colours! LOL
  • Good and bad.

    posted by PoonCoon

    Not a bad product but the QC isn't exactly 100%. I think I just got exceptionally unlucky with these.
    Good product for the price, still. Worth buying if you need a replacement, get 2 or (probably) 3 to be perfectly safe - if you don't know how to take one apart and repair it, and just in case the frame was made too large. They need to be absolutely perfect to fit in a psp 2000 and that's just a design flaw of the psp itself.
  • great

    posted by popcorn900

    this replacement is very simular to the original.its movement is very smooth, very much like the original.i really like the color.it fit in my psp 2000 slim very well, i did not have to push, pry or force it in any way.
    this replacement is of very good quality.its movement is very smoothe and responds quickly.
    if you need a replacement then this is the one that you need.i really like the color of my replacement.
  • Cheap & good

    posted by stormbol

    -Great deal as it is way cheaper than outside.-Easy to install for beginner-
    If don`t know how to install it,search for tutorial on Google or Youtube. Buy this if your psp is out of warranty and you don`t wan your local store to charge you with expensive services to repair your psp.If your psp is with valid warranty,i will advice you to send it back to Sony gallery centre.
    Cheap and good deal.You pay for what you get.
  • Perfect replacement if your nub's broken

    posted by Squirrel61

    Brings back life to your PSP when for some reason the nub isn't working anymore.
    Far cheaper than having your PSP repaired by Sony.
    Sometimes the analog nub isn't working anymore or at least not like it should. Like:
    - Cursor or character moves in one direction without even touching the nub
    - Control is not precise anymore
    - No reaction at all when you move the nub
    - The nub has disappeared
    In these cases, you need to replace the nub and this is the perfect spare
    Sadly, replacing the nub on the PSP-2000 is a bit more difficult than it is on the PSP-1000. But it's worth the work. When reassembling, make sure there's no dust or fingerprints on the screen!

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