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This is our best ps3 xbox 360, they all share a great design and great prices. With over 200 products uploaded daily on the DX website, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. Browse xbox 360 case or xbox 360 refurbished to find what you are looking for. With your support, we can do better.
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ps3 xbox 360 Customers Reviews

  • microfone

    posted by worsol

    os microfones que comprei servem perfeitamente na minha playstation 3, os jogos que tinha funcionam muitos bem com este novo acessório podendo cantar e ouvir a minha voz muito nitidamente
    fazem o seu trabalho perfeitamente
    recomendo como alternatica aqueles microfones para playstation que estao a venda no mercado e que são bem mais caros, funcionam perfeitamente
  • Fits perfectly and you'll play better!

    posted by brunols

    It will fit almost any thumb stick, making it more precise and protecting the thumb stick against degradation. It will last longer.It came with so many nice colors that it makes hard to choose wich one to use!
    You can make nice colors combinations, and put it on old thumb sticks that the time aged them.You will feel the analog better and more precise!
    You can share with your friends since it comes with many colors and units!
  • Working Card

    posted by LokiDeth

    Good capture deviceeasy to use and setupworks well in windows 7 X64 Professional
    using an Xbox 360 with a component cable will not work. the least output on component is 480p which the adapter doesn't support. the Wii will support it natively, although not tested yet. Haven't tried the PS3 but most likely the same issues as were ran into for the Xbox 360.
    if your using a Xbox/wii with RCA (or component for the wii) its a decent adapter.next one I'll try will be this that supports 480p.http://www.dx.com/p/02-usb-video-and-audio-capture-adapter-white-147489?item=46
  • Good game switcher

    posted by timX34

    this objet is mostly good, I can use it to record my PS3 or my PC by the input, without to do some gymastic to change cable. i can supply it by PC's USB too
    i get this stuff recommanded by hdfury.com and because other site do not send similar stuff in my country
  • Works good but with drawbacks

    posted by zeroeximus

    Pretty much plug and play. Does enables you to use any xbox360 controller on the PS3, analogs and home button works. Good for majority of games, such as Gran Turismo or other racing games where the xbox's controller's trigger buttons are more comfortable No noticeable lag
    Not recommended for fighting games. Other games seems to fare much better.
    Good if you want to use the official xbox controllers on a PS3, but do not buy for fighting games.

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