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ps3 repair part Customers Reviews

  • Great replacement blu-ray lens for

    posted by pengekcs2

    I bought a used PS3 40gb fat model (CECHG) with non-working laser. I have tried to clean the lens and reinstall (restore) the hard drive files as can be found on the net to no avail. So the lens must have been dead. The replacement arrived in a neat package, all carefully packaged. It work immediately I recognized it from its voice (whirring and not rattling 'noise'). So my machine has been revived, and it only cost me half of what a new slim is being sold at the moment. All in all approx. $130 for the used non-working machine + $50 for this, and half an hour for replacing it. It was a good deal.
    The price is reasonable (although these just probably contain new blu-ray laser diodes, but at least it's tested and works). Just check modsupplier.com for an example. They are selling the exact same component for around $150 - with some bullshit text about 'testing' and 'manually examining' each piece. Sure.
    Get it if you are in a similar situation and restoring the hard drive or cleaning the lens with alcohol did not work. This is the best price you can get. Besides if the lens would arrive dead (I doubt it) you can request an RMA for DX. Be careful not to touch the lens when working with it.
  • Easy intallation

    posted by Jaysentan

    The main reason that I bought this drive module was to replace my phat PS3 drive which wasn´t working anymore (read error or unable to detect the disc). Well, it worked with no problems. All games and disc works perfectly now.
    If you want to save money and DIY repair your PS3, this is the one (provided its the disc reading error)

    posted by Zuu

    This laser drive is like original laser drive. Moreover, it fits the device so easily. On the other hand, it's price is so convenient and cheap.
    This laser drive has a lot of advantages. Furthermore, both qualicated and cheap. Also, because of this reasons, I will continue to buy it.
    Everybody who need this laser drive, can buy from this product from dealextreme.com!I will buy again in the future!
  • Great product and cheap! Fixes your PS3

    posted by patatman

    Very cheap replacement part compared to the pricing from my coutnry(The Netherlands).It was the whole frame with laser just like the picture. You could'nt see it was second hand.
    Just a great product, it behaves the way it's supossed to.
    If your Ps3 broke down, and replacement parts are hard to get, you should definetly buy this! My ps3 works like a brand new!
  • Perfect reparation

    posted by juanespin

    Great opportunity for PS3 owners which have faulty controllers. I changed the analog sticks on 1 original SONY controllers and now they are working like new. Analog sticks moves exactly like original ones. So highly recommended for using!
    FIRST KNOW IF U NEED 3 PIN OR 4 PIN ANALOG STICK Must be carefully soldering.
    I will buy another one in the future and i trust in dealextreme electronics for xbox analogs and other devices

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