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ps3 laser replacement

You can easily find the latest low priced ps3 laser replacement offered at our online shop. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.

ps3 laser replacement Customers Reviews

  • Worked like a charm !

    posted by hawbaw

    Changed my busted lens with this one and it worked. Great Price.Good delivery time.
    Repairing my CECHG01 PS3 at a local shop would have costed about 150$. So I gave it a shot myself for this 28.7$ and my PS3 works again. Do not try it yourself if you never disassembled electronic devices before, I didn't connect a cable correctly and it took me a week to figure out what it was.
    If you are handy you can repair your busted lens PS3 for only 27.8$ !

    posted by Zuu

    This laser drive is like original laser drive. Moreover, it fits the device so easily. On the other hand, it's price is so convenient and cheap.
    This laser drive has a lot of advantages. Furthermore, both qualicated and cheap. Also, because of this reasons, I will continue to buy it.
    Everybody who need this laser drive, can buy from this product from dealextreme.com!I will buy again in the future!
  • Easy replacement for a broken PS3 BD unit

    posted by AnttiK

    Very easy installation!
    Just follow "change ps3 lens" disassembly instructions online (Youtube etc.) for opening the PS3 and the BD drive. Then detach two cables, remove four screws and mount the new unit, cable it and screw it down. Simple as that, no finger acrobatics required !
    Note: You will need a torx t10x75mm screwdriver to open the "safety" screw on the side of PS3 as well as a few small phillips screwdrivers for the screws insides PS3 and the BD unit.
    DealExtreme delivered bigtime !!
  • Works with KEM-450AAA

    posted by Mclairs

    Easy to assemble if u know where to dismantle your PS3 Slim.
    Was having problems reading Blu-Ray disc on my PS3 Slim.. Changed this laser module. BAM! it works again!
    No other thought, would be even better if its cheaper!
    Not for the weak hearted. If you are not daring enough to dismantle your faulty PS3 Slim, i suggest you get someone professional to do it for you.
  • Great replacement blu-ray lens for

    posted by pengekcs2

    I bought a used PS3 40gb fat model (CECHG) with non-working laser. I have tried to clean the lens and reinstall (restore) the hard drive files as can be found on the net to no avail. So the lens must have been dead. The replacement arrived in a neat package, all carefully packaged. It work immediately I recognized it from its voice (whirring and not rattling 'noise'). So my machine has been revived, and it only cost me half of what a new slim is being sold at the moment. All in all approx. $130 for the used non-working machine + $50 for this, and half an hour for replacing it. It was a good deal.
    The price is reasonable (although these just probably contain new blu-ray laser diodes, but at least it's tested and works). Just check modsupplier.com for an example. They are selling the exact same component for around $150 - with some bullshit text about 'testing' and 'manually examining' each piece. Sure.
    Get it if you are in a similar situation and restoring the hard drive or cleaning the lens with alcohol did not work. This is the best price you can get. Besides if the lens would arrive dead (I doubt it) you can request an RMA for DX. Be careful not to touch the lens when working with it.

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