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ps3 dual Customers Reviews

  • Pretty respectable ps3 controller

    posted by Zerqtm

    it's ok
    would have been nice if it had been at least somewhat chaged when i got it..but at least it seasm to run fine with the usb in.. not sure what bettery type it is.. but if its litium based then generally it shouldent go for to long drained or it can degrade the betteries...but as i said i have no idea what typ of battery is in it...
    well worth getting if you need some extra controllers its fairly afordable and to my mind looks to be about as good as the original...but i havent used it for to long...
  • Nice, but need to be careful and don't break the connector

    posted by km1kz

    - Charges two ps3 controllers while you are not using it.- Have a nice looking
    The controller "support" could be made of better material and it could do some support to the controller.The base have blue lights that keeps on. Could have a switch to turn it off because it iluminates your room during the night
    Since it is made to charge your ps3 controller, It do the job!!!
  • nice gadget

    posted by hollidaydoc

    now the controllers have they place and didn´t lay around somewhere. two controllers and two move-controllers (or something else with mini-usb) can be charged at the same time. the blue light (while charging) and the green light (fully charged) looking very stylish. always fully charged controllers and a place where to find them.
    it takes about six weeks to delivery. nexttime i want to order an ac-to-usb adapter so the controllers can be charged without the ps3 have to stay online
    well made with nice design suitable for ps3 but not for "fake" controllers. very usefull to keep controlles charged and in a certain place!
  • Nice looking PS3 peripheral

    posted by XybeX

    Looks good, good grip fo surface(does not move around easily) & good build quality. I don´t have two controllers but it looks better with this device and there is less chance of controller accidentally falling of the table and smashing against the floor.
    Nice looking and goes together well with your PS3
  • Charger for fake controllers?

    posted by PransFenders

    When i bought this charger station it charges 2 controllers at once while i connect it to my computer or PS3. It work like it should. The leds are BLUE and they turn RED when i connect a controller. After some time they turn blue again.
    This station should be compatible with refirbished controllers.
    Its a good product and idea, but the problem with my charger not working for refirbished or real controller should be fixed.

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