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ps3 drive Customers Reviews

  • Cheap and Very durable. Your PS3 will act like anew.

    posted by Ovhaum

    As soon the package arrived in my house at more than 5 months ago and i installed it on my PS3 (CECHG01, FAT 2007) and even with my nephew playing a lot with the PS3, it still reading all disks like any PS3 (Blue Ray, DVD and CD). No complains here. At all.
    When i opened my PS3 i had to clean inside it really well. Lots dust, dog hair, a lot of crap.So it's a good opportunity to clean your PS3.
    If you have one of this models: CECH(A,B,C,D,E,F,G).No fear, resurrect your PS3 laser and play your games like you used to do.
  • perfect

    posted by bertasibus

    My Playstation 3 is back to life with only 34$, delivery in less than 2 weeks, Original part and well packaged to avoid damages. i saved 80$ by fixing it myself as the shop would have charged me around 120$.
    the connector was a bit defferent and i was at first worried with the possible incompatibility with the cable, but don't worry that the cable will fit perfectly and the laser will work as promesed.
    I reccomend 100% this item.
  • Original spare part for PS3 slim

    posted by Handbrake

    Original spare part.Lots of online guides to help you do the exchange yourself.Extremely good price compairing buying from Sony or repaircentres.
    My PS3 was having trouble reading discs from time to time. Sometimes it worked, sometimes I had to reboot the PS3 several times before getting it to read a disc. Tried to clean the laser and realing it but no luck. After I changed to this lasermodule my PS3 reads discs instantly. Happy days.
    Cheap and original spare part. Works like it´s supposed to. Use online guides for the exchange. Solved my issue with my PS3 not always reading discs.Make sure you get the right one for your PS3, there are many to choose from. Mostly you can read on your broken laser what model it is.
  • worth it!!

    posted by micronot

    100% fit to fat PS3, just replace the laser module and its like new.
    no issues were found yet, I installed it over two months ago. reading speed is like the original laser.
    in my country it costs about 120$ to replace the laser, so thanks to deal extreme I saved almost 90$!
    It looks exactly like the original part.
    the installation took me about half an hour, and its my first time doing this.
    If you laser broken down, buy it!
    for the price and the time replacing it, it worth it bug time

    posted by Zuu

    This laser drive is like original laser drive. Moreover, it fits the device so easily. On the other hand, it's price is so convenient and cheap.
    This laser drive has a lot of advantages. Furthermore, both qualicated and cheap. Also, because of this reasons, I will continue to buy it.
    Everybody who need this laser drive, can buy from this product from dealextreme.com!I will buy again in the future!

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