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You can buy cheap ps3 controller joystick from us. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. Browse ps3 controller bluetooth or ps3 controller usb to find what you are looking for. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.
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ps3 controller joystick Customers Reviews

  • Review for the playstation 3 analog

    posted by kleanjack

    The analog is very cheap and easy to use, it doesn't stick to your hand and it comes in four colours which make customization of the controller a lot better.
    The analog sticks are really nice, never seen any other than black except this.
    It is a good product for a really small price.
  • strikingly handsome

    posted by navetsea

    very affordablelooks beautiful beyond its pricecompact size yet has substance enoughhas cable compartmentdesk clamp is nicer than expectedstart button is nicely/ smartly placed using standard size buttonscomes with accessories that normally has to be bought separately, 2 extra gates, button plugs.
    it probably looks best as stock, it is black and sleek and I don't see how to improve it in look, probably smoke clear buttons are the only possible upgrade to its look, those metal inserts in the plexi could have been painted black or simply secure it with screws from the top like the rest of Qanba's black screws with flat head and counter sunk plexi would produce the same flush outcome. the door to the cable compartment is secured by a click on thing that is designed the same way as battery compartment on your alarm clock or tv remote control, those are only to be opened very seldomly when replacing batteries, clearly not for something that would be frequently used as the plastic will be broken at some point, a spring or a magnet would be a better solution.
    this stick is totally worth its price looks really beautiful as stockfor someone who like to personalize their stick however this is kind of letdown. as probably nothing can be done to it to make it better appearance wiseand since its low price, probably yours would be one of so many that looks exactly the same.
  • These are excellent!

    posted by ifr0ster

    The price, or the lack of it actually. This is cheap.The quality (just like the original).
    The rubber cap on top of the left stick was loose on both my controllers, so I went to my local store and asked if they knew how to fix it. They said it was a common problem, but there's no way to fix it. Buy a new controller, they said. So I did. 499 NOK, which is about 90 USD.When I got home and checked DX, I found these and ordered immediately.Waited a couple of weeks (new record I think) and replaced in about 15 minutes on both controllers.One controller now has both the replacement ones from DX, the other controller just got the broken stick replaced with the functioning one from the first controller. Now I can't tell which is which...
    If you've got a broken controller, buy it.If you don't have a broken controller, buy it anyway, you never know when they might break, and it's better to be safe than sorry. It's $1.20, it's so cheap it's almost free.I'm buying more, just in case.
  • Best buy on DX yet

    posted by Krudda

    - comfortable
    - adds grip to fading surface of controller
    - easy to clean - unlike the thumbsticks
    - easy installation [just push the centre and "fold" over the edge]
    - little "knobs" on the outside of the grips add extra accuracy as described in the description (I was sceptical, but now I believe them, these really do add accuracy)
    - appears to be decent silicone that will last a few years, at least until my controller dies
    - cheap!
    I have 4 PS3 controllers (2 Official, 1 3rd party SONY endorsed and 1 from DX SKU 29885 (Dualshock only, no Sixaxis)
    These fit on all my controllers perfectly
    Also fit on my brothers X360 controllers no worries, even have the little dimples
    Performance enhancing and cheap
    Why buy anything else?
  • Perfect fit!

    posted by raisleiter

    Fits perfectly the PS3 joystick module
    The silicon cap is somewhat useless. Kept falling when I played games like NHL 14
    If you have damaged thumbsticks, like the rubber part spins when you're playing, this is the best solution, given you're okay paying 1$ + a bit of time fixing the controller. Unless you prefer spending about 60$ on a new controller...

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