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ps3 controller case

Buy quality ps3 controller case at our online store at low prices. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. You can also browse the blue ps3 controller, ps3 controller sixaxis, and we provide more ways to help you find the products you want. Your support is our greatest motivation.
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ps3 controller case Customers Reviews

  • Excellent product and very good for protection and efeite the PS2 controls.

    posted by STARJOHNNY

    Excellent product and very good for protection and efeite the PS2 controls.The quality is very good but the cost could be even better advantage is not to pay shipping and not pay the customs duty that by luck and a good qualifying Site rushed.There's nothing against only ganharpois product quality and price is it worth, could be better, but still worth being.This item should be a victory for those who need a lot of PS2 protect their control.Do not have much to say about a product widely known, but the experience was very good because of everything, even taking a bit to get luckily did not pay tax, I appreciate the contribution the site and come back to buy more ...Buy without fear. It is worth the same quality product.
    This item should be a victory for those who need a lot of PS2 protect their control.
    Buy without fear. It is worth the same quality product.
  • very good product

    posted by braajcm

    the cover is made of silicone and sturdy, the colors shown are identical to those of the material, also fit nicely in controls.
    A product that is worth your investment as it provides greater grip for the hands, making it easy to grip and increasing the gameplay, while protecting your control.
    A good product, nice and cheap, very useful for the video game player.
  • I love this product

    posted by SnakeEyes1997

    Add grip (If your hands don't get sweaty)Feels goodUseful Fits perfectlyEasy to put on your controller and take offCheaper and better than the ones they sell in Ottawa
    This product is the perfect product for you if you don't like the feel of your PS3 controller. It adds grip (to non-sweaty hands) and adds a little bit of protection as well.
    Give it a try. It is a great product.
  • kinda cool

    posted by chinocheng

    it looks great, it feels great..and it is esay to assemble.and it makes your controller look like a new one.and the best part is that you can mix the parts from the housing case with parts from your controller and came up withe a new combination of collers..
    well it is cheap. and you can make your old controller look completly new. and unique.it may be a little tricky to assemble, but you can look for a tuturial in youtube.
    if you want a new controller but you don't want to spend a lot of money this is a great solution..i recomend that housing case for a gift. it is a great and cheap way to get a "new" ps3 controller
  • Perfect fit in PS3 controller

    posted by sabinblade

    Good silicone protector for ps3 contollers, it fits perfectly in the controller, main parts are covered and leaves all buttons sharply uncovered.
    If you can make the controller get in the protector, everything is going to be just fine... do it with care.
    Nice deal according to price. Recomend to get this!

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