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ps3 controller cable

Purchase the latest ps3 controller cable with wonderful pricing Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. ps3 controller usb, ps3 game controller may be more suitable for you. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.
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ps3 controller cable Customers Reviews

  • Works Great!

    posted by CouponCutter

    This does what Dealextreme says. It makes my PlayStation 2 controller work with my Playstation 3, it's really great! Now I can play with my brother, without spending 80 bucks on a new PS3 controller.
    If you have PS2 controllers that you would like to use with you PS3, go for this one!
    For this price, this item is a must-have. Buy it, you won't regret it. It really is wonderful, even as a present.
  • It does the job, but not 100%

    posted by thatvietguy

    -Very easy to use. Just plug in and play. Worked great for my xbox 360 arcade stick playing on ps3
    -Turbo functions work great
    I have not tried to use the adapter with an actual xbox 360 controller. I've only used it with my xbox 360 arcade stick.
    The controller adapter does exactly as it says it does. It converted my arcade stick to ps3. However, I can't recommend this to another fighting game player. The missed inputs are crucial in these type of games. If you're playing other games, it works great!
  • Efficiency at low price

    posted by Pandy01

    The usefulness of the item is big when you have a PS2 joystick and you want to play with someone on a PC or a PS3. It works without a problem, both, digital and analog sticks.
    I recommend it without second thought.
    If you have a PS2 joystick and want to play at PC or PS3 is the cheapest option.
  • Nice Product - Better Price

    posted by fcarnaval

    It works just perfectly and has a good quality. Very good for this price. The mini USB connector has a nice fit, better than other cables I have used.
    It satisfied all my expectations. Very good for charging the PS3 Dualshock 3 Controller. It is cheaper than other cables, but still with good quality. Used with other devices as well, such as my camera, and had no problems at all.
    If you are looking for a cheap trustworthy cable, you should definitely buy it. It was certainly a good buy.
  • Good it you have some ps2 controllers

    posted by MissingNo

    It works perfect for PS2 and PS1 controllers.And it works on most games for PS3. (Games like Littlebigplanet)You can have one or two controller plugged in.Work on PC too, for games like snes, nes, gba etc.Building Quality is Good.
    Must have if you dont want to spent money on Ps3 controllers, and have some Ps1/Ps2 controllers laying around at home.


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