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ps2 to usb adapter Customers Reviews

  • Great for Tekken owners on Xbox 360

    posted by ElPaisa24

    This adapter is "plug and play" and perfect for fans of the PS2 d-pad over the horrible 360 d-pad. No lag and great for fighting games like Tekken Tag Tournamnet 2!
    I had another adapter like this (older model) and it required for you to plug a wired 360 controller into the adapter in order for the PS2 controller to work. This adapter solves that inconvenience!!
    Great adapter, no lag, responsive controls; enjoy for fighting games on 360 again.
  • good adapter

    posted by alanrossi

    very good quality!!!perfect for notebooks and netbooks that dont have any ps2 port! very quick shipment!!!
    I think that the incompatibility of any devices that dont recognize it is not the connector problem. Instead people have to try with differents models or get a driver that permit the mouse connect with this adapter.
    i recommend you to look on internet if you model mouse or keyboard works with this usb connector, if not then try to download a driver or something like thatif your ps2 device work with this adaptor then bought it without tinking!the adapter works very good and is very good built!
  • one happy camper

    posted by Kaluach

    This is just awesome. I have a couple of IBM "Model M" keyboards that I thought I'd never be able to use again. My main computer is a Toshiba laptop and it has no PS/2 keyboard input. I tried one of those passive cable adapters, but no go. Then I found this item on DX and it works great. Not only that, but the price is great, the build quality is great, and it worked with no effort on my part.
    I love my Model M keyboard.
    If you're looking to use an older keyboard with the new computer models that don't have a PS/2 keyboard connector, then this is what you're looking for.
  • Perfect for notebook

    posted by aragorn85

    This item is really good for using your old PS/2 peripherals on notebook or netbook that don't have a PS/2 port. You can hook up on to the pc a keyboard and a mouse with just one USB port.There is not need of driver, just plug it and it will work.It's really cheap.
    Very cheap.
    If you want to hook up an external keyboard and mouse to your notebook is the perfect choice.Also if you want to recycle your old PS/2 devices it's a good opportunity.It's so cheap that you can't miss.
  • R2 and L2 do not work with PC

    posted by fremandn1

    Most of the keys function including the two analog sticks. Works without drivers
    I don't know how they work with a PS3, but they don't work completely with a PC and some games, like former XBOXLive games don't work without the R2 and L2 buttons. If you can live without them then it's OK.
    Fund another adapter for this price since there looks to be a lot of them.

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