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ps2 to usb adapter

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ps2 to usb adapter Customers Reviews

  • Great for Tekken owners on Xbox 360

    posted by ElPaisa24

    This adapter is "plug and play" and perfect for fans of the PS2 d-pad over the horrible 360 d-pad. No lag and great for fighting games like Tekken Tag Tournamnet 2!
    I had another adapter like this (older model) and it required for you to plug a wired 360 controller into the adapter in order for the PS2 controller to work. This adapter solves that inconvenience!!
    Great adapter, no lag, responsive controls; enjoy for fighting games on 360 again.
  • Handy Adapter

    posted by BrunoDPO

    + Very handy, easy to carry
    + Works well and is OS independent
    + Green like the mouse port
    + Build quality seems very nice
    + Also very cheap
    * I don't know if using PS/2 keyboards with this adapter will work, but I see no reason not to...
    Nice and small gadget for you to carry in emergency cases or if you don't want to spend money in a new USB mouse and your PC doesn't have the PS/2 input. Just be sure you will use it with a branded mouse and you'll be happy!
  • Goog quality product

    posted by VladimirIlic

    Small. - Simple. - Durable. - Nice Build. - Easy to use. - Rather Cheap. - It does not have annoying wires. - Useful if your mouse/keyboard port died or you want to use your old mouse/keyboard in your laptop.
    So far the best USB to PS/2 adapter I've found, if you need an ad?pter like this, I recomend this one. I thing the price is good and you get what you paid f?r.
    Could block the access of an other close USB port. You can't plug two keyboards or mouse as written on the package.
  • This item is wonderful

    posted by Voltioman

    This item is wonderful.The plastic is of good quality.It's really cheap.There is not need of driver, just plug it and it will work.What I have more than a year and is in perfect condition and I use it every day.
    Is the best of all I've tried.If you do not know which to buy, do not hesitate, buy this.You can hook up on to the pc a keyboard and a mouse with just one USB port.With this product I can use my PS2 keyboard on my laptop , which work much more comfortable.
    The best adapter always works, never fails.
  • The Best PS/2 to USB Adapter I have used.

    posted by Knuckx

    Works very well with all PS/2 devices I have tested it with (IBM Model M, Genius NetMouse, Synaptics Trackpad, etc.)Much smaller than most other adaptors and very solidly built. Strain relief on the PS/2 connector is good quality. Nice little blue power LED.Appears as a pair of standard USB Input Devices - no drivers required on modern OSes.Works perfectly with UK keyboard layouts unlike most cheap adaptors.
    Requests the largest amount of power available from the USB port (usually 400 or 500 ma) meaning that high current PS/2 devices (Model M, Barcode Scanner) work properly.The colours of the PS/2 ports are irrelevant - any device will work in either port. This means that two keyboards or two mice can be plugged in with one adaptor.No input lag like some cheap adaptors.
    Best PS/2 to USB adaptor on DX. Small, works very well, no major issues. This entire review was typed out on a Model M connected to the adaptor.


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