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  • Plug and play on Win7 x64, nice build quality.

    posted by askal

    Plug and play.Durable.Two ports.
    Make sure to hit the 'analog' button on your Dualshock. I don't know why others say the build quality isn't good. I keep it on the floor and have stepped on it and dropped things on it and it still works fine. It's probably scratched but I never bother to check. I didn't get it because it's pretty. If I wanted pretty wouldn't buy a $4.20 translucent blue converter!
    Does it's job and does it well.
  • Nicely build device

    posted by alisogor

    - has smooth movement- the cap is detachable, so you can mount it through the hole- positioning accuracy is good, tested with Arduino- looks solid- the joystick cap has rupper surface so far is not slipping- proper packaging
    - it needs 2 arduino pins for X and Y axis and one digital / analog pin for Z axis press (just a button)- probably you'll need to unmount pins and place them from opposite PCB side- would be nice to attach mounting screws into pachage
    Very handy for UI controlling in DIY projects
  • wireless control

    posted by tmessias

    The control is good and it works fine until the work more than 5 meters away but begins to fail, do not fail to have this less than 5 meters and works perfectly without fail, control is very economical on battery not spend that much, I use it every day for at least 4 hours a day and so far I had no problem with the batteries and they are still loaded to continue using.it connects with the connector quickly some different control that takes a bit that has become pressing a button or locate.
    that grabs analog control not more that can be only be for a new control but with time of use. And more good control if you have more money buy a better control on dx, the control also could have a color that will light it all as some controls that sells here in dx.One can the batteries be purchased not included in the control part
    good buy with good cost benefit and the price that it costs and also because he speaks the wireless value that it costs
  • Nice manipulator for your own projects

    posted by Artem7000

    Device has a large "mushroom" cap with soft-feel rubber upper surface. Suitable for the first Arduino projects. Localization of the contact pins at the side of PCB board and their direction allows to build DIY projects right on the table.
    I'm tested it with Arduino Uno to control the servo motor. Works great, so I can't add anything.
    Solid construction, works properly. Scheme of this device is plenty easy and other documentation isn't need.
  • Simple yet good controller module

    posted by kasperk

    * Really simple to use with Arduino or similiar platform* Reliable even when turning quickly* Works as a push button, apart from the obvious joystick function
    I've connected this to an Arduino Nano together with a 433 MHz transmitter in order to get a simple remote control unit for various robots that I build. The X and Y pins should be connected to analog input ports on the Arduino. The Z pin (which indicates whether the button is pressed or not) should be connected to a digital input port. The + pin goes to 5V port (it's possible that 3.3 works as well, but I haven't tried this) and the - pin goes to GND.
    Great module for remote controls and similiar projects, but it should've been cheaper.

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