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ps2 controller adapter

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ps2 controller adapter Customers Reviews

  • R2 and L2 do not work with PC

    posted by fremandn1

    Most of the keys function including the two analog sticks. Works without drivers
    I don't know how they work with a PS3, but they don't work completely with a PC and some games, like former XBOXLive games don't work without the R2 and L2 buttons. If you can live without them then it's OK.
    Fund another adapter for this price since there looks to be a lot of them.
  • Good product

    posted by caiopapai

    Very nice product, well built and no details about it.Works ok and now I can use my old Rock Guitar from my PS2 in my Wii using GH Metallica and GH Van Halen!If you have those old controllers from PS2, it`s about time to buy this adaptor!
    Do you have old PS2 controllers? Aren`t they really good? Well, use it in your Wii! It's awesome and cheap!Buy this adaptor and be happy with your bunch of games!
    A good product at a very low price that brings lots of fun. Needless to say more about it, right?Buy it as soon as you can!
  • It works

    posted by 1854boboobob

    It does what it is build for, more than that, I can not say more, you plug it in and it works, it is the most simple thing to use.
    It could be a little smaller, but other than that, it is perfect, I buy some things of dx.com and this is by far, one of those things I love, it is so easy to use, it is so simple to use, and it is a solid build.
    Buy it, if you have a Play-station 2, plug it in and play, If your like me, and do not have enough money, this is for you, play-station 2 is good, and this lets you play for a long time.
  • Nice converter

    posted by bas_dk

    Works really fine and it is very cheap. Very usefull to reuse your PS2 controllers. Item is very small, so the cable will not be to long. If you need a bigger cable you can always use an USB-extension cable. Furthermore, it has a really good quality and I think it will last longer than the controller itself from the PS2.
    If you have old PS2 controllers that you don''t use anymore, buy this converter and use them again.
    Very nice converter for a very cheap price. I would definitely recommend this product.
  • Great product, ideal replacement for ps2 slim – Repair Parts Replacement 8

    posted by THAIS2013

    Great product, ideal replacement for ps2 slim. worked as expected. reading all ps2 games smoothly. good product for the price selected.
    technical expert to recommend installation of this product must be set correctly for perfect functioning of your ps2 slim ótimo substituto para o seu ps2 slim que estava com problemas de leitura de discos.
    great replacement for your ps2 slim that was having problems reading discs.

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