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These cool ps vita plastic are high quality and at affordable prices. We hope every customer enjoys their shopping experience at DX.com. ps vita soft and ps vita silicone are the hottest keywords that customer use. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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ps vita plastic Customers Reviews

  • Vita Case

    posted by maxima2424

    Looks just like the cases sold for $19.99. I saw no difference. This makes the Vita protected and looking ver good. Also can take a beating and I remove it and put it back on to use the Vita Grip. The case still looks good. I use it with a screen protector and does not interfere or damage it taking it on and off. entire case is plastic with Aluminum color accents.
    Can withstand many times taken on and off. As I change out case and grip.
    If you buy different colors to go with you outfit.
  • More protection to your PS Vita

    posted by FabioSkr

    Protects your PS Vita against accidental drops, to some extent. It can also help prevent against knocks and scratches.
    Initially it was a bit difficult to fit, but then it got installed without problems.I use it along a protective film and I think it works very well.
    Despite being a little uncomfortable, I'm using almost since I bought the PS Vita and recommend it if you want additional protection.
  • Makes Gaming Bettter!

    posted by speedpro

    I have always hated the feeling of the PS vita. Its difficult to held in hand and touch pad was annoyingly pressed all the time. This makes the Vita feel like PS3 controller. Recommend this to everyone. It's not ruined with price.
    It feel comfortable in hand and has all the curves and camera cuts you will ever need.
    Even the rear touch pad becomes comfortable and accurate to use. Recommend this to everyone. Also the color looks stylish.
  • A must have for all PS Vita owners

    posted by DezaumNOS

    Extends the estetic look of your vita as new...Protects from Shock, scratches, dust....More confortable in your hands...Very great buil quality...Fits perfectly, yeah it fits just very well, all the curves in the R and L buttons, the bottom part, everything fits perfectly....Top buttons just feels more conformatable when they are pressed, for Volume UP and Down its more easier to find the buttons and they feel more easy to be pressed (original buttons are a little unconfortable to press during games)A must buy!
    PERFECT for every Vita owner
  • For the price you won’t find a better case really.

    posted by kbrozio

    +Perfect fit on PS Vita+Offers good protection+Full access to all buttons and ports
    I’ll be honest I wasn’t expecting much with this case but I was pleasantly surprised by it. It’s well made and doesn’t feel cheap at all. The case offers full protection for your Vita while offering access to all ports and buttons.The case is plastic so it doesn’t really add any weight to your Vita but it does have a protective metal covering over the front and part of the back, effectively reinforcing the case and further protecting your Vita from damage.
    I can highly recommend this case and I have to say it’s certainly a great value for what you get.

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