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prototype printed circuit board breadboard

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prototype printed circuit board breadboard Customers Reviews

  • Quality and price!!!

    posted by elomy2010

    Solderability ok, excellent. Silkscreen on top side shows, which pads are connected to gether. Hole accepts standard 2.54 100mil pin header pins. Mounting holes in corners. Boards are straight, i have some other boards from same material and those are bend and twisted.
    I prefer using these solderable boards instead of those pluggable breadboards. Maybe it is just me.
    The quality is not the best, don't buy for delicate circuitry, but for big or simple circuits this will work. Buy these!!!!
  • Fits Arduino Nano!

    posted by rborges100

    The size fits Arduino Nano, its good to work with Arduino Nano without removing it from the breadboard, as an auxiliary mini breadboard. This avoid damage to the Arduino pins. Comes with adhesive to fix at a surface.
    I don't have more to tell about this product, min of 500 characters of DX reviews should be decreased. I don't have more to tell about this product, min of 500 characters of DX reviews should be decreased.
    If you use Arduino Nano, you should buy!
  • Very usefull!

    posted by skocko76

    -Very good breadboard-Worth the money-Well printed, columns and rows are labeled with small but sharp and readable labels.-Can be connected to other breadboards puzzle like.-Packaging is great and professional.
    -I should have ordered 3 and gotten bulk discount... Ah well..-Get more than one, you will be thankful for extra space on your project
    -Get it, it is very good, wires are held firmly and I found no loose contacts.
  • it's okay

    posted by Jumboman

    this is very nice to have if you know how to solder. I have a couple of projects that need complicated resistor line-ups and it's nice to just solder the whole damn thing together and never having to set it up again.
    for this price, it's very handy to have if you know how to solder.
    I would recommend this, but if could find a pcb that's easier to solder to I would get that next time.
  • small, compact, low price

    posted by manjh

    This is a nice and handy breadboard, not the one you will use to experiment with large and / or complex electronics schemes, but certainly one for a single AT Tiny chip wit a few components around it. It comes with a self adhesive base, for if you want to affix it to something.It has an electrically isolated top and bottom half, with a separation in the middle. An AT Tiny dip will spread across it nicely, so all terminals are usable.
    I think I will get a few more in different colors, so I can set up multiple experiments in parallel, with color coding to easely distingish them.
    Good item, can`t beat this price. Any electronics hobbyist needs at least one, but preferably several of these!

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