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These cool prototype printed board are high quality and at affordable prices. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. DX is the best cool gadgets provider, so take action now and come take a look at our site dx.com.

prototype printed board Customers Reviews

  • Cheap Prototype boards

    posted by lacmello

    Fair priced single-side bakelite boards. Can be used for building a prototype or even a final project, when you don't want to deal with the hassle of making a dedicated printed circuit board. Having the silk screen with markings on top helps a lot when running wires.
    That's pretty much all about it. I really can't think of much to add here.
    get it, it's cheap, it's usefull.
  • Fits Arduino Nano!

    posted by rborges100

    The size fits Arduino Nano, its good to work with Arduino Nano without removing it from the breadboard, as an auxiliary mini breadboard. This avoid damage to the Arduino pins. Comes with adhesive to fix at a surface.
    I don't have more to tell about this product, min of 500 characters of DX reviews should be decreased. I don't have more to tell about this product, min of 500 characters of DX reviews should be decreased.
    If you use Arduino Nano, you should buy!
  • For the price you can't find it that cheap

    posted by tedao00

    Those five prototyping printed circuit breadboards are really nice for using in home and professional projects. The price and the quality of the products are really amazing. If you need it, buy it.
    A must-have for those who, like me, love the prototyping of new projects.
    Buy it, maybe you won't need it now, but someday it will be useful and the price will have been worth it.
  • Perfect breadboard for small projects.

    posted by Veticus

    This breadboard is perfect for quick projects. Especially if you'd like to put it on standby and work on it later.The board is big enough for most "basic" arduino projects and other small to medium sized projects.It is small anough to fit into even the most crowded drawer or even your pockets.The materials used are great. The plastic is neither to soft nor to hard, and the contacts do not seem to corrode to much.The pins also hold components very well, without being to tight.
    This board is like it's made for arduino nano and mini. The size is perfect just perfect.The backside comes with double-stick tape, which is handy for mounting it on a wall or to a board with bigger projects.I used the tape to mount the breadboard in an electronics cabinet, where it now holds an arduino nano which controlls a small single-room aircondition.
    First of all, the board is absolutely cheap.One would expect the board to be of questionable quality. But it's not.Actually the board is of better quality than most of the boards out there.
  • small, compact, low price

    posted by manjh

    This is a nice and handy breadboard, not the one you will use to experiment with large and / or complex electronics schemes, but certainly one for a single AT Tiny chip wit a few components around it. It comes with a self adhesive base, for if you want to affix it to something.It has an electrically isolated top and bottom half, with a separation in the middle. An AT Tiny dip will spread across it nicely, so all terminals are usable.
    I think I will get a few more in different colors, so I can set up multiple experiments in parallel, with color coding to easely distingish them.
    Good item, can`t beat this price. Any electronics hobbyist needs at least one, but preferably several of these!

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