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prototype circuit board Customers Reviews

  • mini breadboard really very nice and useful

    posted by c0d3r

    is a good quality and usefull for work with a little projects. I am working with this breadboard together with my arduino uno and work like a charm. it have number in the row and letter in the column for put any connecto in the right site.
    maybe is a little breadboard if you are thinking to work with big project many sensors but if your project are little is your option.
    good quality and low cost breadboard to work with arduino and any other other electronic project
  • Good prototyping PCB

    posted by kimmoli

    Solderability ok, excellent.Silkscreen on top side shows, which pads are connected to gether. Hole accepts standard 2.54 100mil pin header pins.Mounting holes in corners.Boards are straight, i have some other boards from same material and those are bend and twisted.
    I ordered also other sizes, but those are not yet arrived.have to look for enclosure where this fits inside.
    I prefer using these solderable boards instead of those pluggable breadboards. Maybe it is just me.
  • Cheap, fun and colorful !

    posted by julienvdg

    Five small bareboards instead of one big, that a lot more possibilities !You can prototype the two ends of a wireless communication.Have one with your arduino and others with AVRs or PICs to build small sensors.They have little clips on the side so you can connect them.They have tape on the other side so you can glue them to a board.They even have holes if you want to screw them !
    There is a 6 board pack with yellow on DX, but those don't have the clips on the side...
    Don't buy them one by one, buy the 5 pack :)
  • cool little breadboard

    posted by defjam

    cool little breadboard. resorted to buying it here since i cant find it locally where i am. i am satisfied with this purchase.
    i bought this mini breadboard because i needed to add breadboard to my repertoire of supplies for circuit building. i dont regret this purchase at all. this is great for small circuits so you dont have to break out the big one and waste it on a tiny circuit.
    cant really complain about the price of this mini breadboard. i couldve saved money buying the multipack here, but i only bought this one. but im am happy with it since it does what its supposed to
  • Good board for small DIY projects

    posted by jankoval

    Five pieces in a pack, very easy to use, has numbers on the side you can find your way easily even in a little bit larger projects.
    None at the moment.
    A great value for a small price, if you need to make a quick prototype or just some design for your personal use that does not have to look attractive, this is very good choice.

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