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prototype board Customers Reviews

  • You need these if...

    posted by AlphageekYVR

    What can I say? For 62 cents each these things are a steal! I bought 2 sets of these and I'm sure I'll get some more eventually. Hope they keep them in stock.
    I'd like to see DX offer similar boards with a variety of hole-spacing.
    These are just the thing for small one-off's. I've built a few PWM's using them and I have no complaints. I'll buy more of them in the future for sore.
  • Good product

    posted by Ramvanios

    - there's ten of them - markings on the side and back (row numbers etc)- good size (small, but practical)- cheap
    It's a good, cheap product, but the finish isn't always 100% (more like 90%)
    If you need 10 cheap, small protoboards, buy these! (But air them out in another room)
  • Great mini shield breadboard/prototype combo

    posted by StNz

    Nicely priced prototyping board with an option to use a mini breadboard as well on a shield form factor that plugs straight in. I'll be grabbing several more to have on hand.
    The option of using the breadboard is nice, versus the plated through solder contacts.
    Not a bad price for a utility board. Need I say more...........?
  • Useful, can be stackeable

    posted by leopepe

    Very useful to use in small prototypes or in a modular prototyping whit separate modules.Have a adhesive foam in bottom. You can stick it to other stuff to keep it fixed.You can stack or join together.The final work is much cleaner than if you use a only one big breadboard.You can use the deferents colors to separate deferents functions in your prototype circuit.
    The small breadboard can be fixed to an arduino shield, it is very useful.
    It's a very simple product, no more to say.
  • What you see is what you get

    posted by bodangles

    Simple board with 0.100" spacing. Fits any through-hole IC/component which uses 0.100" spacing for it's pins. It comes in a pack of 10 for use in many projects. Comes with a letter or number for each row/column which makes it easy to build multiple of the same board by allowing you to quickly place the components in the same position.
    What you see is what you get. Nothing special about these boards but they do what they are intended for.
    Simple easy to use prototyping board. Pads are a little on the small side on the bottom around the holes but you are still able to get a soldering iron on them.

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