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  • Nice product. It is very good!

    posted by ricardojrff

    This product protects very well the back part of the Ipad.It is very easy to install.It has a very nice price.IT has a good Cost-Benefit relation.
    I do not have any other thoughts about this product.It is simple, it is great.
    Cost-benefit analysis: Nice.You will protect your ipad back from scratches and other dangerous situations for a very low price.It fits perfectly for the new ipad and supports the addition of the smart case.
  • Good quality, fits well and offers extra grip

    posted by onari

    Protects the phone well. The case fits exactly like it should, it's tight enough to not come off and is still easy to install and remove. The material is pleasant in my opinion and makes the phone more grippy thanks to the pattern on the sides. Also protects the buttons from dust by also covering them.
    The design is quite neutral and works well for me. Some might like more decorative cases.
    Excellent price for a good quality case.
  • It does the job

    posted by tmihai20

    I like the material, I was expecting it to look cheaper. It fits well and it is not that slippery.
    It does not cover the 3D and the camera buttons, I would love if it would have done that. I purchased it because the front metal part has come off and I was hoping that this case would hold it together.
    It is worth it if you are looking for a good silicone case. Because the Evo 3D is a little old now it is difficult to find any accessories for it, I was glad to find some here.
  • Good for protect your phone from dust and water

    posted by simake

    * Good stretched fit* Easy to apply* Good protection of the phone* Responsive touch screen functionality
    It fit good to the phone shape and it's easy to put it on. The responsiveness of the touchscreen with this waterprof skin is awesome, even if there is already a protective film on it.This waterproof skin give a good protection against accidental water, dust, and similar things that come in contact with the phone. Despite this, I would never full-immerge my Galaxy Nexus in water with this skin on (obviously) :)
    Using this waterproof skin allows you to use your i9250 in critical condition.
  • Simple and Slim

    posted by Abangloe

    Simple, protecting your S4 very well, good rubber quality that feel it won't loosen by time, and slim. Easy to attach and detach without worry on scratching your S4.
    Buy it if you want simple case that can easily attach and detach and can fully protect your S4. Overall i prefer jelly case more than flip case with hurdle to manage the screen cover, with most of the time the cover usually blocking your camera when it flip to the back
    Buy it if you want simple case that can easily attach and detach and can fully protect your S4

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