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You can easily find the latest low priced protective silicone translucent offered at our online shop. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. i8190 protective silicone and protective soft silicone are the hottest keywords that customer use. We hope that you have a fulfilling shopping expreience, on China's leading e-commerce retailer website.
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protective silicone translucent Customers Reviews

  • Nice cover

    posted by tEb1986

    - Fits quite well - Much better grip - Protects your x-box controller well.I really love the silicone cases from DX, bought one in black and this one in pink so my girlfriend has her dedicated controller.After I bought these I can't use a x-box controller without those cases, the grip is way to bad without it.
    The case does have a good quality and it looks like its hard to strech it out or damage it someway.
    Just buy one and you will never regret, and what is the worst case, you lose two bucks?
  • Cool case

    posted by danguelo

    Fits perfectlly on the Xbox controller.
    The color is pretty cool, looks great with white and green controllers.
    Is useful when your hands are all sweaty.
    Helps to grab better the controller and doesn´t feel wet when your hand are sweat.
    You have to buy it, looks great and useful for hardcore gamers or for people with sweaty hands.
    Or if you just want to be original or have a cooler xbox controller, buy it too.
  • All over a good and cheap case

    posted by anders.kise

    The case has a really nice finish to it, feels great in your hand. the one thing i really like about it was that it didn't "stick" to the inside of my pockets so it where quit easy to get in and out of the pocket.The fit around the phone is also great no slack or anything.
    over all a good cheap case, which actually fits really good on your phone.
    if you need a nice, good feeling and good looking case go for it!
  • Good thing

    posted by Mew

    Good quality, fits K4 well. Price is not too high, so it's ok.
    I don't really need a case like this - I use my K mostly at home. This case might be helpful to protect the device from falling and from dust.
    Frankly I cannot name any serious reason why you should buy it. Maybe to calm your nerves with a feeling that you device is more safe now. However, the most fragile part in ereaders is screen and this case does not protect it at all.
  • Baby blue, but awesome

    posted by Qlaos

    Cheap and easy to use. Fits both PS2 and PS3 controllers which is quite nice
    You need to stretch it a little while putting on the controller, but it won't damage the cover
    If you want to protect your controller, this is a good choice. And if color doesn't please your eyes, there are many choices and they all function just the same

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