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protective screen lg Customers Reviews

  • Great and low cost

    posted by zabula

    Product very cheap and functional! What really appeals is its price because the local region this product is sold for about 10x its original value. I paid cheap and quickly received. Is already running on my nexus 4 and I can assure you is pure joy.
    Loved the product, was very similar to Google's own time and that fits the way I see all the scratches are being blocked. Thank DX!
    Besides coming nicely packaged was one of the fastest deliveries I have ever received from DX. Thank you!
  • Good protectors

    posted by ivandrisek

    Product works as described.
    Generally, tablet screen protectors are really hard to apply perfectly because of the big surface. So is this one (some bubbles remained in the middle). However, compared to the previous protector I had, this one is much better.
    Good value for money. I will probably buy more of these in the future.
  • Good for the price

    posted by holandaleo

    - The price- Durable- Invisible (if properly installed)
    Before buying this film. I bought another one for my wife's phone (10x the price of this) in a kiosk and the guy installed it. I saw the guy installing the film in the screen and I found it wasn't that hard.I was totally wrong. It is almost impossible to install it without leaving bubble spots and avoiding specks. Well... I'm not that great guy with handling and crafting skills :$But even with the poor job I made installing this, the film is really durable, haven't came off not a single millimeter so far (3 months now) and it is really invisible. I can only see there is a screen protector film because of the bubble spots I left due to my bad skills to install it.
    I would prefer to pay 10x more and having someone to install it for me because I don't have the skills.
  • Not so good quality!

    posted by brunols

    It will in fact protect your screen from scratches, you will feel safer, no one can deny that!
    For the priece its "OK", you get 5, it is a good temporary solution.
    You should pay more and get a better one! I did that!
  • Very pleased with this product!

    posted by Sepmil

    It is easy to install the protector (I have 0 bubbles), and the price is really good. You get 5 screenprotectors and cleaning clothes for 2.5 dollars. It is also anti fingerprint, and that works very well. It fits perfectly to the device.
    There is made a big cur for the speaker (that one for calls) and the camera, but for the light sensor, there isn't. This isn't a problem, because the sensor still works well.
    It's a very nice product, so if it isn't a problem for you that the colours changes a bit (really a very bit), and you get fast scratches on the screen protector, don't hazzle and just buy it!

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