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  • good cheap product

    posted by Ramvanios

    - cheap- fits pretty well for a Sony Xperia S (could have been a few millimeters less wide)- for now, it protects against scratches pretty well (though i'm beginning to see some tiny scratches (after a week of use, on a phone that I keep in my pocket))
    - it protects your phone adequatly against scratches- be very very precise while sticking this to your phone, 1mm off and you will have air bubbles at the side
    buy it if you need it, it's very cheap!
  • Best protection

    posted by Jadeade

    Really protects the device when it fallsFits tightFeels niceAvoids the phone to slide when in the car, which is something important if you drive with your windows open
    I bought two and I think it's the best thing I could do, it saved my phone from some threatening stones in the ground when my phone dropped over them Perfect if you want to personalize the colour of the device from time to time, or to adapt to your mood or even your clothes!
    Lots of colours to choose, blue is my favourite
  • Muy bien, aunque limita el gps

    posted by merol

    Encaja perfecto con el HTC ONE X que distribuye vodafone españa. El tacto es realmente agradable, tiene un punto intermedio entre dureza y blando perfecto, sobresale un poco de la pantalla lo que espero que evite roturas de pantalla por caer plano (se me ha roto una vez asi). Tiene agujeros en todos los lugares donde hace falta y el botón de encendido se usa bien a través de la funda. El tacto es de calidad.En las tiendas locales te cobran el triple o más por la misma funda.
  • A quality cover for an unbeatable price.

    posted by Lifespring

    The silicone construction provides a snug fit, while the elasticity of the material protects the phone from falls and shocks very well. The frosted surface of the back also gives the cover an extra level of grip; this feature is very helpful as the Nexus 4 has a natural tendency to slide off smooth surfaces. Before I got this cover, my phone fell off a book on my bedside table, the arm of my leather couch, etc. and onto the floor! The cover has thankfully eliminated this problem.
    The material is flexible and durable and the cover will effectively protect your phone from falls and scratches.
    For the low price, this cover is a great buy for Nexus 4 owners. From reviews I have read of the official Nexus 4 bumper, this cover provides greater protection at a fraction of the price.
  • I can recommend this product

    posted by mpolaj

    Good fit, good grip, connectors and keys are accessible. Visually pleasing, with the S-shaped back matte pattern. Well-built (not sure if it's glued together anywhere, but it looks solid -- another much more expensive case has fallen apart during regular use where two different materials (a hard and a soft one) have been glued together - no such issues with this one).
    Great product, especially for $2.60. Had it been sold in a local hardware store (with warranty and everything), I'd be easily willing to pay $10 for it.

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