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  • Great Buy! Totally worth Purchasing!! :)

    posted by jacobbinnie

    This case is a true bargain. Deal Extreme have done very well to supply such a good quality case at a low price as this! Well Done DX! :) Love it!
    It's a good colour and looks good combined with my iPad mini. It also has the magnetic function that allows unlock/lock of the iPad when the case is shut/opened. It is very versatile and can be used at school/work/university wherever without hassle of space or anything. It fits nicely around the iPad and holds it secure. Good Texture on the case too!
    A Good product for a cheap price. I %100 recommend this case to anyone looking for an iPad mini case. PURE PERFECTION. Bargain. Deal. Buy it!!!!!
  • Great fit and great look

    posted by rvindua

    I picked up the red cover because we have the red wii with black adn red controllers and a black 360, so why not have black and red controllers. my wife got purple.They both slip on nice and snug. You get a really nice grip on it, the controller is not slippery at all. Also, if you have the optional keyboard that clips under the base of the controller, that will also fit while this skin is on. It's very snug but it works. We only have 2 controllers but if we decide to buy two more, we're definitely going to get two more coloured silicone skins from here.
    if there was a bit of a cutaway where the keyboard clips in so it's not as tight then that'd be great.
    add some flair without taking apart and painting your case. just get these skins, you can't go wrong especially at this price.
  • nice case

    posted by Emma1992

    - good building quality- very nice color- fits my iphone 4s pretty good- pretty cheap- protects you iphone very well- looks good on my white iphone
    protects your iphone. my Phone fell a few hours after I put the case on and it workt pretty good, no scratches! you can reach the buttons on the outsite of the Phone pretty good so thats nice.
    good case and it definitly protects your iphone.i would buy iy again
  • Great RED TPU Cover

    posted by colognesi

    TPU cover excellent, sturdy and has a great coupling to dispositivo.O my Galaxy S3 is red, and I had not found a cape of the same color of the device, so this cover was a treat, let the device more secure in the hands.
    The cover is sturdy and beautiful, and protects the device and how well it is coupled do not see much difference in the handling of the unit.
    Despite the introduction of the USB cable is not perfect, it is worth buying.

    posted by dannenbaumg

    This is a wonderfull case. totally worth the money.fits well and looks really cool. it also protects well. i bought a lot of iphone 5 cases. this is by far the best one. Another great thing is the metal buttons on the side and top. i had a case without the bottons and it was so hard to reach the button on the phone but with the metal buttons on the case it was so much easier because the bottoms are at the same level as the case.
    It looks really good on the black iphone 5.
    Bottomline its a great product and totaly worth the money. i would buy them for presents to my friends.

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