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You'll find the best protective leather pouch for you here. DX is an E-commerce online retailer situated in China with more than 100,000 cool gadgets with free worldwide shipping. pu leather pouch or leather note pouch contains many hot and popular products. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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protective leather pouch Customers Reviews

  • Great pouch

    posted by ztereoid

    Protective Artificial Leather Case Pouch Bag for Samsung Galaxy S III / i9300.In sweden where I live, it's hard to find good accessories to my Galaxy S3. But here there are plenty to choose from. This one is very good. It's some sort of Plastic leather. it has a strap for pulling the phone out of the puch. The colour is great looking and I'll use this for a long time I hope.
    I really like it and can recommend it to others.
    A great puch for your Galaxy S3 or possibly other phones of the same size.
  • Good enough

    posted by AlexTed

    Good quality of the fake leather, it looks good, even on the layer inside. Fits perfectly an iPhone 5, iPhone 4/4S will go inside but it's still ok and you can pull it out easily too; I did not try it on other phones, probably a larger one (i.e. Galaxy) won't fit at all.
    Elegant, discreet and cheap, I bought a couple more. Also nice in the other colors available.
    Excellent price/quality ratio, useful and easy to use, no worries, just buy it!
  • No strings attached

    posted by Splitter4

    - The product does not disappoint. All pictures represent the parts and insides with great fidelity.- The outside leather is hard and good at protecting the PlayStation Vita.- The inside pocket is really useful for storing extra games (since there's only space for storing 4 of them), the AR (Augmented Reality) cards and the cloth (or even the strap, if you will).- The separator does not damage the PlayStation Vita.- The rubber bands help keep the PlayStation Vita in place.
    - I haven't used the strap so I can't say much about it.- I guess those rubber bands help the PlayStation Vita stay in place, but I wouldn't trust them completely so keep the case closed when the PlayStation Vita is inside.
    My main worry was that the case would damage the analog sticks but it doesn't and even has space for the AR cards. Really useful and great price.
  • Nice strong pouch for a good price.

    posted by kolsthoorn

    This protective PU Leather Pouch case for my Samsung Galaxy S4 really helps my Samsung Galaxy S4 from getting scratches on the screen. The pouch feels strong and my Galaxy S4 fits in perfectly. Once my Galaxy S4 is in the pouch, the pouch fully covers my phone to protect it.
    Summarized, this is a very good pouch for a good price. I recommend people using this pouch to protect their Galaxy S4.
  • Good case to protect your phone!

    posted by gines

    This case is exceptional to protect your phone from scratches and other damages. I have been using it for nearly one month and it is quite usefull for me. It is worthy, quite cheap and the quality is quite good as well.
    I also use a screen protector for mayor security, but I don´t think it would be necessary since the leather pouch protects the screen as well quite well.
    I´ll definitely recommend you to acquire this product. If you are looking for a case that doesn´t increase the size of your phone but protects it from physical damages this is your best option. As you can see in the picture I uploaded (username: gines), it is in perfect conditions after using it for one month.

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