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protective iphone bag

These cool protective iphone bag are high quality and at affordable prices. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. View more by looking at iphone 3gs bag, bag iphone black. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.
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protective iphone bag Customers Reviews

  • Great wallet to protect the iPhone

    posted by ttade

    It is same that picture. The wallet has a great material. It is practical. I like this wallet. You coul put your cards and other things. It has a link where you can put a handle.The price is much more cheaper than the wallets in my country.You coul use this like a handbag, if you not transported a lot of things.
    If it had a handle sure I recommend this product.Anyway, it is your choice.
  • Handlebar Phone holder

    posted by kobold

    Works like a charm; I can now ride my motorcycle and use the bluetooth function of the phone to listen to music and simultaniously use the satnav, using the screen.
    If you have a Nokia like mine, don't worry and recharge after the trip, it take hours to drain the battery.
    I like it; for this money?-get one.
  • Wool sock

    posted by Softisen

    This wool sock can be used to protect your iPhone from scratches. When using this wool sock you do not need to have a case on your iPhone so you can use your iPhone without a case and still not get scratches on your iPhone. It also helps prevent dents if you drop it in the ground as long as it does not slip out of the sock.
    Could perhaps had something that had closed it so that your mobile dont can fall out if you lose it in the ground.
    A good and cheap gift to friends or family. Or to yourself.
  • For everyone who likes outdoor

    posted by malivrag

    Definitely a great product! really keeps water out, tested, check my pictures, a small price for keeping you cell phone, camera or money dry. i tested it by putting paper in it, and submercing it under water for half an hour, and the paper was completely dry!
    very happy with it... i would buy a new one if this brakes
    a great product that really works!
  • Protects well, very worthy bundled pack

    posted by feiru

    Silicone case gives much better protection than plastic, due to its softer and more shock absorbant nature. I dropped my iPhone5 once, and thanks to this casing, nothing happened to the phone. The case protects all the edges and corners, no exposed areas except for the front glass panel, which is also protected by the film. If you for protection, this will be it. The waterproof pouch is very useful for use in sports (put into it before placing into my running pouch). Overall a good buy.
    I personally like the better protection offered by silicone material, but dislike its extra dimension which makes the phone more bulky. Unfortunately cannot find a balance between the two.
    Overall a very good buy, for people who want protection for their iPhone5. Aesthetic wise, due to silicone material, it is a little bulky and does not give justice to the new sleek looking iPhone though.

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