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protective galaxy i9000 Customers Reviews

  • Gold case

    posted by grape1829

    Case fits perfectly on Galaxy S.VERY nice to look at -- the texture and chrome coating are good.Great price.
    Great for the price, would buy it at $5, even, and still be satisfied.I ordered this golden one and the black one with chrome sides, and my review is pretty much the same for both.The product I received is a very pretty gold all over, including the back side. I guess you might receive either (the one like pictured, with some brown, or like mine with all gold).
    Overall, a very well-designed product. On the outside, it's really shiny and nice, like a much more expensive case. Just know that the real plastic underneath all the bling is cheap, and you must be careful during installation.This cover isn't like a silicon cover where you can keep using it after dropping the phone a few times. The cheap plastic will crack in order to protect your phone, I assume.
  • My favorite case for Samsung Galaxy

    posted by Talo89

    The look of it is very nice. With the two different types of plastic you get a very classy look, without a high price. The TV, Camera and speaker holes are cut well. In addition the case offers a good amount of protection to the phone and has nice rubberized grips on the sides to make it easy to grasp in your hand.
    - Good Price
    - Two types of plastic make it look nice
    - Camera and lens holes are cut correctly
    - Rubberized grips on sides for easy holding
    - Easy access to dock connector without taking off case
    Good protective case. Beautiful. Correct size. Very cheap
    I strongly recommend this product cause it is not expensive at all and fits the iphone 4. Definately the coolest case ever.
  • very good product!

    posted by saartion

    i have it for almost a year and its still doin the job.i take it down , 2 times a day to change battery and its still in great formation, doesnt break or somthing else. the sillicon case is very high quality matirial, my phone fell down many times and the case did the job.
    the quality is very good, i really recommend of buying it.
    worth buying it. comes very cheap in deal extreme web site, in other places you will spend much more money and im not sure that the quality gonna be like that. i added a picture so you guys will see how the products looke after allmost a year of using it
  • Great value

    posted by roi258

    Tight-fitting, firm pvc (not hard, but 'firm' plastic). Halfway between 'silicone' and 'acrylic' hardness
    Holes are cut accurately and line up with all ports.
    Easy access to power and volume side buttons, much more firm than my old silicone case so less accidental button presses
    Great little case to protect your phone. I hate my silicone case around the middle of the longer edges because it always flops around - this one stays in shape when typing, scrolling, etc.
    Get it. You get what you pay for, which is lots and awesome.
  • Good for this price

    posted by resetnow

    — it's really cheap— there's 5 pcs in the pack
    Comes with screen cleaning cloths. Each film has two paper stickers to ease the installation process. Fits good to SGS i9000.
    This film will protect the screen, but it will be full of scratches after a few weeks of use. The price is very low, maybe too low — because of it the film is too thin. You dont need this if you're looking for really durable, scratch-resistant protector. It's just cheap screen film.

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