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protective case vita Customers Reviews

  • More protection to your PS Vita

    posted by FabioSkr

    Protects your PS Vita against accidental drops, to some extent. It can also help prevent against knocks and scratches.
    Initially it was a bit difficult to fit, but then it got installed without problems.I use it along a protective film and I think it works very well.
    Despite being a little uncomfortable, I'm using almost since I bought the PS Vita and recommend it if you want additional protection.
  • A must have for all PS Vita owners

    posted by DezaumNOS

    Extends the estetic look of your vita as new...Protects from Shock, scratches, dust....More confortable in your hands...Very great buil quality...Fits perfectly, yeah it fits just very well, all the curves in the R and L buttons, the bottom part, everything fits perfectly....Top buttons just feels more conformatable when they are pressed, for Volume UP and Down its more easier to find the buttons and they feel more easy to be pressed (original buttons are a little unconfortable to press during games)A must buy!
    PERFECT for every Vita owner
  • No strings attached

    posted by Splitter4

    - The product does not disappoint. All pictures represent the parts and insides with great fidelity.- The outside leather is hard and good at protecting the PlayStation Vita.- The inside pocket is really useful for storing extra games (since there's only space for storing 4 of them), the AR (Augmented Reality) cards and the cloth (or even the strap, if you will).- The separator does not damage the PlayStation Vita.- The rubber bands help keep the PlayStation Vita in place.
    - I haven't used the strap so I can't say much about it.- I guess those rubber bands help the PlayStation Vita stay in place, but I wouldn't trust them completely so keep the case closed when the PlayStation Vita is inside.
    My main worry was that the case would damage the analog sticks but it doesn't and even has space for the AR cards. Really useful and great price.
  • Cheap and works

    posted by Steve616

    Well packaged good housing and good design in the minimum space that is achieved by storing up to 10 PS Vita games. semi-transparent material allows you to see the games easily.
    This is a cheap and cheerful item, does exactly what you need from it.
    A good buy to carry your Vita games around without having you to take the big boxes that come with games
  • Snug as a bug

    posted by grayfoxzero

    This is a nice plastic cover that protects both the front and back of the PS Vita from scratches and fingerprints, leaving the buttons and knobs open to play your games. The one that I have is pretty sturdy, and the faceplate has a silver brushmetal design, which feels good to touch. The cover clips onto each other nicely and does not wiggle about. It does make your Vita slightly larger, but fortunately I have a zipper pouch that can take in the Vita with the cover and still zip up.
    Unless it's urgent that you remove the cover, I suggest you just leave it as it is.
    PS Vita covers can't get any better than this to give it a facelift and giving you a sturdier grip on your device.

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