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protective back n7100 Customers Reviews

  • Fashioned Sturdiness

    posted by PrinceXEvil

    Looks really nice,It fits perfectlyThe colour is what you get, which is quite pretty.
    The quality could have been a tad bit better. However, for the price and if you feel you need metal to protect your phone.This could be the one for you. They got other colours too.
    Price quality comparison, I think it is a good purchase.If you require that perfect case, this is not for you.If you need protection and style and hard not too fussed about perfection, then this product is for you.
  • Great Case!

    posted by quac80

    I really liked this. It´s the best case of galaxy note 2 that i bought. Perfect size. It is very slim. The usb entrance is great. I had some problems with others that i bought. So you don´t need to remove the case to recharge the phone. My galaxy note 2 is black, and the case is perfect to this. Other thing that i really liked is that the case don´t press the smartphone´s keys.
    Don´t be afraid, this is the perfect case to galaxy note 2.
  • Good fit

    posted by timandjulz

    This is a simple case that is thick enough to protect. It has a simple design... nothing fancy. Buttons and plugs are still accessible without much effort. Stylus is easily removed.The facing edge is clear plastic and the back is frosted. The color of your phone will mostly show through which I liked.
    I am happy with the case. It isn't perfect but for the price it is well worth it.
  • Its a lovely Case

    posted by tppickles

    Full Metal,seems very tough and durable,Fits the phone snugly and wont come loose,The Aluminum doesn't flex or bend which means the phone could take a bit of an impact on the back without causing any damage.
    For half the price of buying a case in a store this is a great option, it looks stylish and keeps the phone very well protected. This case doesn't add a lot of bulk to the phone which is a major plus.
    If you like green and need a case for your Note II this is a great option. If you live somewhere that has cold winters it may be best to pick up a plastic case or at least wear some gloves when using your phone with this case.
  • Good Value and Good Fit

    posted by brum61

    Fits well on the phone and matches all the connections for charging and headphones, SPen etc.Looks good on the phone.Quick delivery (just over 2 weeks to Israel).
    Make sure to first put the top part of the phone in the case and then the bottom to make sure it fits properly.
    Incredibly good value. If you want a protective case with a stand and still want to see the original casing of the phone, then look no further.

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