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protective aluminum i9300

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protective aluminum i9300 Customers Reviews

  • I'm happy with this product

    posted by ffbento

    Good build quality. Nice finishing with good material and painting. Really easy to use as it just pull the cover and remove the phone (important if you use a car stand and need to remove the bumper as I do).
    I suspect that if it drops the paint will get scratched but not looking forward to try it. Not sure if it's better or worse than silicon bumpers to dissipate energy when falling but I don't like silicon ones because of how it looks and the amount of dust they get.
    Really happy on how it looks and how easy is to use it.
  • functional protective case

    posted by Joflixen

    Fits Samsung Galaxy S3.Hardened aluminium back shell.Moulded rubber grommet inside shell holds phone.
    Case provides a very positive experience for the phone physical buttons.USB, headphone and microphone are not obstructed by case.Best insertion technique is to put bottom of phone in whilst pushing phone into rubber grommet, then guide grommet over to edges of phone.Best removal technique is to push on LED&speaker through back of case.
    Great simple slimline case. Protects phone well.
  • Nice price/quality

    posted by KaKoLo

    -> Smooth finish.-> Nice colors.-> Fits ok.-> Heavy.
    The usb hole zone, lacks of additional structural support, silicone material, no aluminium on that part. When you pick your phone from that area, the silicone is stretched, if you use to much energy to pull you can cut the silicone.The back paint is realy nice, but easy to scratch.
  • Very nice case!

    posted by lyur123

    -Nice at hand-Silicone covers the frame very well (important for S3)-silicone buttons for power & volume (not just a hole like other cases)-more than all the others, when you take it with this case, i feel that my phone is safe (at least for me)
    Th worst of this bought was that my phone fall to floor before it arrived and it has a little impact on cristal at very botton right , so when i put this case on my phone i could say that the silicone covers over the phone almost all the impact my phone had, i'm pretty sure that this case could absorb all the damage if it were there.I'm happy in addition to this because it covers almost all the damage so it hide that damage ^_^
    If you need a case, if you want a safe case, buy it.
  • Nice cheap case but the quality can be improved

    posted by nizesa

    The aluminum back gives a nice solid feel to the case and the color complements the silicon backing. Side buttons align perfectly and buttons can be used with ease
    noticed a dent at my aluminum backing, not sure if it was like that originally or the case is just too soft.
    cheap, useful case that add colors to youru phone

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