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Every single protected battery displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. As china's largest gadgets suppler, DX devotes its efforts to provide the best service to customer all over the world. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.

protected battery Customers Reviews

  • Excellent batteries!

    posted by badmonk

    - Has short circuit, overcharge, and discharge protection -- which is always good knowing that your flashlight won't blow up.
    - Holds charge well (the overcharge protection kicks in at 4.3V using the UltraFire 3.6/3.7V charger)
    - Good build quality and fits in my Super Thrower and Aurora WF-800 Q5 perfectly.
    I've bought 3 pairs of the UltraFire (sku.3287) version mainly because of their cheaper price, but 2 of the 6 batteries came dead. They would not hold charge, and my multimeter detected them as 0V. I suspect one of the protection mechanism on the batteries has short circuit. However, these have not given me any problems, so I guess it's worth spending that extra few cents to get a better quality battery.
    If you have devices that take 18650 batteries, get these. Though not the cheapest, they're definitely one of the better ones out there.
  • Good cells

    posted by nomoney

    Well made. Can be used reliably in high current incandescents. I use these cells in my Surefire M3T with a LumensFactory EO-M3T lamp and a G&P X-9, both light up with a single click everytime.
    Good value for money. Can overcome the thin shrink wrapping issue by using another layer of shrink wrap or PVC electrical tape.
    For the price paid, I can't really complain.
  • Great Battery+Charger Pack

    posted by AntonioNeto

    Rasonable Price for 4 batteries and the charger. // The battaries lasts a good time, being used at a led flashlight. // Rasonable charging time // no excessive heating. // reaches 4.1 volts full charged.
    The Charger could be sturdier...
    This is the bang for the buck pack for batteries and charger. // If you need something like this, there is no regrets on getting this product.... I recomend to all!
  • Good lastig batteries

    posted by Bertsjuhn

    Nice quality, long lasting batteries.
    I bought two sets which I use often in a few of my flashlights (also from DX) and they work great.
    Never had any problems with these.
    Nice quality, long lasting batteries for a good price.
    Would recommend these to everyone who is searching 18650 cells.
  • 25500 LiPo cell

    posted by CDBeam

    Takes a full charge. Not many cycles on so far...so overall life unknown. Good price and fast delivery. No problems !
    This cell IS slightly longer than a standard C-Cell,but two (2) cells will fit into the space provided with a two (2) C-cell flashlight. Of course, the forward voltage delivered is 7.4 VDC...not 3.0 VDC. This means that if you put these cells in a flashlight designed for C-cells....you mayl burn out the bulb or LED. The use of these cells was to drive a laser module installed in a modified C-cell flashlight host...not a LED or Bulb
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